The 112th Congress

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"He humiliated congressional candidates on my air!" Jane Fonda says. "It's not your air, Leona!" Charlie says. Yeah, actually it kind of is. She owns ACN so she owns whatever it broadcasts. Charlie is either too old or too drunk to remember that. "America just elected the most dangerous and addle-minded congress in my lifetime!" Charlie says. Jane Fonda doesn't care about that: "I have business in front of this Congress!" Well, that shut Charlie up for a minute. Not for long enough, though, as he then asks Reese to leave the room. "He can stay," Jane Fonda says. "Reese, get the fuck out," Charlie says. FIRED! You can't talk to your boss's son who is also your boss that way! But Reese is used to being bossed around by old people, so he goes.

"Look, pal -- " Jane Fonda starts. Ugh, stop with the "punk" and "dweeb" and "pal," Sorkin! No one can say those lines convincingly. Charlie and Jane Fonda trade barbs about Reese and then Jane Fonda whips her glasses off because she is Serious now and says her cable channel can't mess with the Koch brothers. Charlie protests, and Jane Fonda tells him to shut up and remember that they are not equals here and what she says is not up for discussion. ACN makes less than 3 percent of its parent company AWN's revenue. A very new congress just got elected that AWN will have to win over and that's going to be difficult since they're the same people Will has been relentlessly attacking for the last six months. Basically, Jane Fonda has as much respect for the new Tea Party congressmen as Charlie does, but she knows her company needs them.

Charlie has a thick skull, though, so he starts speechifying about how news organizations are a public trust and they have to inform and influence the national conversation. Except they don't, really, since ACN is a cable channel and it has to make money. "I know. That's why I bought one," Jane Fonda says, still being so awesome. "They're not candidates anymore. They are Congressmen. And he's going to lay off," Jane Fonda decides. Charlie refuses. Jane Fonda doesn't care. Charlie asks Jane Fonda what she would have done if she was Murrow's (mention No. 50,001) boss when he was going after McCarthy. Jane Fonda says McCarthy was a "genuinely bad guy." Charlie thinks the Tea Partiers are, too. "Michele Bachman is a hairdo. I'm not worried about Michele Bachmann," Jane Fonda says, pointing out that if anyone is on a witch-hunt right now, it's Will. Charlie says in that case, he believes in witches. So did Salem. This conversation is going nowhere! Fire everyone, Jane Fonda! Let Reese be the new EP and Brad can be the new anchorman. Best show ever.

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