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Jim is woken up in the middle of the night by a fax from Will. Jim is a dork who: a. has a fax machine and b. keeps it next to his bed. Neal apparently has a sex life, which is cut short by a call from Jim and an email forward of Will's message. And then Jim, Neal, and MacKenzie (wearing a fairly accurate representation of "you just got me out of bed in the middle of the night" clothes) have to go into work at two in the morning to hash out Will's big important message: that news shows shouldn't have to depend on ratings and advertisers and Congress should have thought to make that a legal requirement from the get-go. Huh. The ratings and advertiser-driven model seemed to serve everyone just fine for decades when it was bringing us all those great newsmen. Then, apparently, cable came along and ruined everything by forcing news programs to compete with shows like Jersey Shore.

Maggie, who was not invited to the late-night meeting, gets word of it via her BlackBerry, which somehow survived last week's BlackBerry executions. Don is in bed next to her, so it looks like they are no longer broken up. Phew! I was definitely worried about my fave new supercouple.

And then Will reads his speech to his staff, telling them that he will no longer be a part of the news "circus" in favor of joining a team of fantastic newsmen no one watches because they're boring and presenting only the information that Will thinks is necessary for a "well-informed electorate." "We will be the champion of facts and the mortal enemy of any one-note speculation, hyperbole, and nonsense," Will says. Good thing they championed the fact of how to spell Richard Clarke's name.

Charlie reads Will's copy and approves it.

Will continues: his awesome new show won't just serve people the news, nor will it spit out facts with no context. Will is going to have opinions, and also "expose" his audience to the opinions of others that differ from his own. Wow, so generous. You know who else does that, by the way? Bill O'Reilly. Will thinks his audience is wondering who "we" are to make such decisions, and then introduces us to MacKenzie McHale, who, in case you forgot, is really good at her job even though last week's episode had no indication of this. "Her credentials are readily available," Will says. Not on this show, however, as Will quickly moves on. Go look up those facts for yourself, well-informed electorate! Will says that, as managing editor of the show, he has the final say in everything that makes it on the air. Even though last week he had to sneak a Palin clip on because he was afraid his EP wouldn't let him do it. "Who are we to make these decisions? We're the Media Elite," Will says. If anyone was still watching, he's surely turned this show off by now. Does Will not understand that the American people don't, by and large, appreciate being told what to do by a class of self-proclaimed elites?

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