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And then we go to a PowerPoint presentation in a large, wood-paneled conference room. Matt Long is giving the presentation, and why isn't he in more stuff? Matt Long will be showing us the results of his "performance analysis" of NewsNight (apparently, it's all one word and I've been spelling it wrong this entire time. Which makes me an excellent newsman, if what Will says is true!) from April to November 2010. Which means this presentation is taking place IN THE FUTURE, but not exactly because it's still IN THE PAST, just not as much. Matt Long says "it" began with Will's "on-air apology." Charlie asks what Matt Long is talking about. Reese says it wasn't cool of Will to basically go on the air and say that everything ACN had done before was "trash." Charlie says Will made sure to blame himself and not the rest of the network, so what's the problem?

A few hours after Will's apology show, Don staggers into work and sees that Jim is still there. "It was either this or go home," Jim explains. By the way, the Rodney Dangerfield-looking extra is also still at work, probably because he don't get no respect at home. Don slurs that he just saw NewsNight at a bar that clearly has no idea what its patrons want to see on its TVs. Don is drunk because of his time at said bar, and thus will admit that he "loved" Will's editorial. And he could have done the show Will apparently wants to do (since he just heard Will basically say that the show he was doing, which Don was the EP of, sucked). Jim says he still can -- he's the EP of Elliot's show. Don says it's not that simple: he has to get ratings. If he doesn't, they'll fire him. And Natalie Halloway is ratings. Even in 2010. "You guys just set me up to look like an asshole before I got started," Don says. Good point. Jim says that wasn't their intention. "Shut up," Don says. He walks away and heads for Maggie. He's not thrilled with her for hiding this from him. She says she was told not to show the BlackBerry message to anyone else. Don's feelings are hurt, but he should be well aware of the importance of keeping secrets in the journalism world at this point.

Matt Long says the Times Square bomb happened a few days after Will's apology -- an event that Will's show should be willing and able to cover and that the audience would expect to see coverage of. Charlie says "artificially hyping" a bomb threat is not "News 101," but "Douchebaggery 101." I'm sorry, but it's not artificial hype to say that a guy put a bomb in Times Square and if it had gone off, a lot of people would have been injured or killed. Charlie keeps asking why he's in this meeting in the first place, but Reese doesn't want to tell him.

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