The 112th Congress

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Judge Not

May 20: Will goes all Jeremy Paxman on us and sits opposite a Rand Paul spokesman and yells at him for not answering his questions clearly.

June 2: Sharron Angle, Nevada Republican senatorial candidate, says something stupid, and Will cracks a joke at her expense. The control room, including Charlie, laughs their asses off at his witty quip.

Boardroom: Charlie runs down Will's pre-anchorman life. He graduated college at 19, law school at 21, and then worked in the Brooklyn D.A.'s office. That just reminds me of how great Sam Waterston was when he played a character who worked in a D.A.'s office. Now he's on this show and he's awful. So sad. "The newsroom turned into a courtroom, Reese, because I made the decision that American voters needed a fucking lawyer," Charlie growl-slurs.

MacKenzie smiles and heads back to the bullpen as the show concludes. An attractive woman is standing there, so MacKenzie asks her what she's doing there. The woman says she's waiting for Will to finish up so they can go out on their date. "THAT'S FANTASTIC!" MacKenzie says. And then there's a lot more of Emily Mortimer over-acting and embarrassing herself, as you'd expect. Also, MacKenzie is an idiot, so when the woman says she's the "head of the flight crew" for the New York Jets, MacKenzie asks if she's a pilot. No, dumbass, she's a cheerleader. And she's working her way through graduate school, so stop thinking you're that much better than her. Will walks up. "Hey, dude," the woman greets him; "that was awesome." MacKenzie says she hopes Will doesn't get too tired during their date, as he is "old." Will introduces MacKenzie as his "secretary." "Multiple Peabody-winning Executive Producer," MacKenzie says. Brat. She has no right to be jealous or try to torpedo Will's date when she was the one who cheated on him.

MacKenzie ushers Will into his office, gets all angry at him for dating a "student," and accuses him of using the cheerleader to get back at her. Yes, it's all about you, multiple Peabody winner. MacKenzie lets Will on a little secret: the cheerleader may want to sleep with Will because he's famous. Will seems perfectly okay with that. "I loathe you right now," MacKenzie says. Ugh. And just when she's nearly stormed out of Will's office, screaming and with her hands balled into fists like a tantruming child, Charlie pulls her back in to congratulate the pair on the show and encourage them to keep talking Tea Party. Will asks what "the 44th floor" has to say about the show's new direction. Charlie assures him that they're fine with it.

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