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Judge Not

As Jane Fonda peers ominously over her Glasses of Power, Matt Long (whose name is finally revealed to be Brad) says things went from bad to worse when Will went after South Carolina senator Jim DeMint.

June 18: Will tries to nail a spokesman for DeMint on his comments about gay marriage. Shockingly, DeMint is against it, saying homosexuals spread disease through their sinful sexual activities. Maggie runs into the control room and tells Jim: "18,000." MacKenzie relays the number to Will through his earpiece. Will asks the spokesman if he thinks WWI US soldiers were "good, moral people." Of course they were, spokesman says. Will informs him that 18,000 of them had to be treated for STDs -- a day.

Post-show, MacKenzie and Maggie, a duet of disaster, walk into the bullpen and see another one of Will's dates waiting for him. It's not the cheerleader, so I guess that didn't work out. MacKenzie, of course, heads right for her as Will runs over to try to rescue his poor date from having an encounter with a crazy person. He's able to grab MacKenzie away, and she asks if the woman is a spinning instructor. Will says she's actually a brain surgeon. Ha ha! Suck it, MacKenzie! Pretty people can be smart, too.

Meanwhile, at the after-work hangout known as Hang Chew's (which is right next door to a pub that I refuse to believe isn't open after nine o'clock), Jim is showing us what a great reporter he is by saying he's not interested in Wikileaks at all. "You're nuts," Neal says, then yammers on about how it'll be an "absolute gamechanger" for journalism. Jim calls him a nerd. "Future paradigm interface," Neal says. Maggie walks in. Jim smiles and stands up. She smiles back, but it's because she's meeting Don there. Somehow, Jim didn't notice that Don was sitting behind him on the couch this whole time. Nice observation skills, journalist.

"I've been sitting here for two and a half hours and I still don't know why," Charlie says. I know how he feels. In fact, I'd imagine most of the people who managed to get this far into this series feel that way. Charlie claims that NewsNight covered a bunch of international stories along with the Tea Party stuff (international stories? American audience = zzzz), so it's not like the show was all Tea Party bashing all the time. Except it obviously was.

Skipping all the way to August 31, Will has an interview with Bryce Delaney, a fictional senator who just lost the primary to a Tea Party candidate. Will points out that Delaney has a ton of experience in being a senator and therefore should never lose to a mere dentist. Because the fact that someone has done a certain job for a long time means he must be good at it. Even though it seems that most of his constituents were unhappy enough with however he was doing to choose someone else. Which is, you know, the democratic process. I can't imagine why people didn't want to vote for Bryce Delaney, who is all old and tired-looking and tired-sounding as he blames his loss on the fact that he once said that Obama was not a socialist and a he co-sponsored a bill with a Democrat that gave homeless veterans housing, counseling, and job training. "Thank you for your service to your country, sir," Will ass-kisses; "you'll be missed in Congress." Not missed by his constituents, it seems, the overwhelming majority of whom voted for someone else to represent the Republican party. "Good luck," Will says. I'm sure the ex-senator will be just fine with his lifetime health insurance benefits and pension.

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