The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn

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Even God Hates This Show

Jane Fonda reminds Charlie and us that she warned Charlie that this would happen if Will didn't lighten up on the Tea Party, only for Will to go on the very next day and accuse Tea Party members of hypocrisy. Charlie says Will was just stating the facts. Yeah, and so is TMI. Jane Fonda says Will's reporting has lost AWM a lot of money in closed tax loopholes and FCC bureaucracy. "You don't wanna do this," Charlie "warns." It doesn't make any sense for him to threaten Leona like that when as far as we know, she doesn't know about the phone hacking. She doesn't seem too scared. Instead, she tells Charlie to tell Will that he is "one tabloid fuck-up and a ratings point away from having his own podcast." With that, she gets in the limo and leaves. Charlie looks very satisfied with himself for accomplishing absolutely nothing. By the way, isn't it like 98 degrees outside? Everyone is wearing pants and coats.

Dr. Dr. Sloan informs MacKenzie that the stock markets are tanking. MacKenzie says she doesn't own much stock, so this doesn't concern her. Idiot. Dr. Dr. Sloan won't let her shrug this off. She says she has quotes from "hardcore Wall Street guys" who predict certain doom is the debt ceiling is not raised -- or even if the Republicans in the House of Representatives continue to discuss the possibility of not raising it. Unfortunately, Dr. Dr. Sloan seems less upset about all of this than she did over the possibility that she might have a big ass.

MacKenzie claims she understands why Dr. Dr. Sloan is so upset (which, no, she doesn't. She made that very clear in the episode where she couldn't count without using her fingers), but she can't do it. Dr. Dr. Sloan screams at her for not covering this weeks ago (where was Dr. Dr. Sloan on this weeks ago when she would have had a chance to get the economy news in the Casey Anthony slot?) when the informed viewers could have called their representatives and prevented this from happening. Except only three people watch this show, so I don't think they could have done much. MacKenzie assures Dr. Dr. Sloan that she'll do everything she can. Brian watches the whole thing and adds to it by saying that as great as MacKenzie seems to think Will is compared to him, he wouldn't have sic'd an ex-boyfriend reporter on her like Will did. He's not wrong!

MacKenzie heads into the control room for the pre-show taping of Sandy, a.k.a. the Woman Who Ruined NewsNight's Integrity. Even those guys in the control room seem embarrassed, such a horrible news subject is Sandy. MacKenzie talks to Sandy and has a hard time even calling herself the "Executive Producer" of a show she is now so very ashamed of. Get over yourself. Will finally arrives to do his job and he's an asshole to everyone, especially Sandy. They get ready to tape, and MacKenzie whines "God, please give me a sign we're not doing a big thing badly." And then all the lights go out. The entire building just lost power. MacKenzie praises God's "comic timing." If God had anything to do with this show, everyone involved would have been struck by lightning and we'd be watching a pile of charred crispy bones for the past eight hours.

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