The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn

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Even God Hates This Show

MacKenzie says she can't give Dr. Dr. Sloan the extra time because of Casey Anthony. So now it's Casey Anthony's fault that Americans don't know enough about the debt ceiling. Dr. Dr. Sloan doesn't understand how Casey Anthony can be more important than her precious debt ceiling. MacKenzie tries to explain that ratings are important and you can't tell anyone about the debt ceiling at any point if you don't have them and your show gets cancelled. You also won't get the all-important debate, which she points out that Jim and Neal are in the corner of the bar studying for on a Friday night like a bunch of news-loving losers.

Neal asks Jim Bachmann about the reforms he wants to make to Social Security and Medicaid. Jim says he will reduce benefits and repeal the Obamacare law. Neal points out that presidents can't repeal laws. Jim says Michele Bachmann seems to think they can. He goes to show Neal where he saw her say it on the Breitbart website, only to find it reporting that Anthony Weiner's Twitter account was hacked.

Dr. Dr. Sloan won't give up. She says if they lead with the debt ceiling story and then go to Casey Anthony that will really demonstrate to their viewers how important the debt ceiling story is. No, it won't, because they'll all be asleep. MacKenzie asks the bartender for another drink, and Dr. Dr. Sloan starts talking about how cute Brian is and how MacKenzie should totally hit that. MacKenzie says she's been there, done that. Yes, Brian was the ex-boyfriend with whom MacKenzie cheated on Will, although it takes super-genius Dr. Dr. Sloan way too long to do the math and figure that one out. MacKenzie says she'd been with Will for a year when Brian started to call her again. Dr. Dr. Sloan doesn't understand why Will would pick Brian to do this story. MacKenzie doesn't, either. She also doesn't want to talk about this anymore, so she tells Dr. Dr. Sloan she'll do her best to get the debt ceiling story in -- unless she's forced to shove more news garbage down her viewers' throats. "Anthony Weiner accidentally tweeted a picture of his groin to 40,000 followers," Jim announces.

It's finally Tuesday. Weiner is on CNN denying that it was his crotch in that photo. Way to get Weiner on your show, Will. Will and MacKenzie watch him for a minute, then Will calls Weiner and leaves a message that he's being given "terrible advice." To deny it? I would so deny it. Actually, I wouldn't tweet groin shots in the first place, so it's a moot point. But if I did, I would absolutely deny it on my way out of the country to my new home in whatever country doesn't have the Internet. Will wants three minutes on Weiner for that night's broadcast. MacKenzie, of course, doesn't want to devote any time to something people might actually be interested in. Will says he has to attack a liberal or else it'll look like he only goes after Tea Partiers. Yeah, one report about a guy who tweeted crotch shots will totally balance out those months and months he spent going after everyone in the Tea Party. MacKenzie whines and screams and is wearing an outfit that kind of makes her look like a clown. But she agrees to put three minutes of Weiner in the second block and storms out of the office.

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