The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn

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Even God Hates This Show

Don turns to how Nancy Grace breaks down courtroom footage of the evil Casey Anthony. There's a quick shot of Casey and her lawyer looking angry at each other, which Nancy Grace uses to demonstrate that Casey and her lawyer are not getting along, thus creating the best show ever for people who like to discuss this kind of thing on the Internet. "All right! Enough!" MacKenzie finally says. She thinks they can focus on the criminal justice system in this country tonight, using Will's prosecutor past. Don says that's really boring and says that Casey Anthony may not be guilty, which no one wants to hear. "We're gonna cover it our way," MacKenzie says. Uh no, you're not. No one wants to see that. Half a million of your viewers left in one week because they don't want to see it. Stop trying to make it happen. MacKenzie pouts that they could just commit murder on the air to really show Nancy Grace up. I am all for this! They shouldn't stop at one murder, either. They should murder EVERYONE. Kendra, Gary Cooper, Rodney Dangerfield, Tess, Dr. Dr. Sloan, whoever does that show that's on after Will's and before Elliot's and Julie Cooper may live. Everyone else dies.

MacKenzie's outburst is ignored. She asks how they can get good guests for tonight. Don says she'll have to go through Dylan Kagan, who is everyone's agent. He combs through crime reports and news looking for "oh my god stories" like Caylee Anthony and then represents everyone from "the trailer park." Because Sorkin thinks that everyone associated with a "trashy" crime is from a trailer park. By the way, Sorkin was once arrested for possession of pot, shrooms and crack. "He packages the missing white girl," Don says. Well, that sounds easy enough! Call Dylan for all your tragedy booking needs!

MacKenzie says Casey Anthony will be the first story and Anthony Weiner is the second. Despite her supposedly American upbringing, she pronounces "Anthony" the English way, with a hard T instead of a TH. Jim says they don't have much for the Weiner block -- just Twitter pictures and denials. MacKenzie says they don't want to wait until they have anything more because that would be "newsy" and "elitist." I'm sorry, but how is it "newsy" to refuse to report a story until you get the facts from a bunch of other news outlets? That seems like the opposite of newsy to me. MacKenzie doesn't care. She says they're "abominations" anyway, and that's where Will objects. He says the country will be okay without them ordering it to "eat its vegetables" for a few weeks. Even Will knows that his show is awful and everyone hates it! I don't understand why he wants to do a show like that or why anyone wants to watch it. "GET IT THE FUCK TOGETHER!" he screams at everyone. Ah, just like the Will of the pilot! Nice to see he hasn't gotten any better in the past year. Don says Will is right. MacKenzie makes a sad face and says the failed war on drugs she wanted to bore her audience to tears with a story about is a lot like her own war on news people want to watch.

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