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Five days earlier, Dr. Dr. Sloan wraps up her afternoon economic report. Don walks up and asks if it's true that she's taking another job. Dr. Dr. Sloan says a recent poll showed that 42% of Americans still don't know what raising the debt ceiling means, even though Dr. Dr. Sloan has been boring them with the details of it every night since the midterm elections. Don says she won't inform anyone if she takes this venture capital job. Dr. Dr. Sloan says she'll at least get paid. She doesn't think Will is going to come back to ACN. And even though she took the job at ACN before Will became the news savior, he's apparently the only person keeping her there now. "Friday will be my last day," she says. Not even a two week notice? How professional, Dr. Dr. Sloan. I'm pretty sure she's in breech of a contract or two as well. Don thinks he can change her mind. But first, he wants her thoughts on whether or not he should ask Maggie to move in with him.

Dr. Dr. Sloan doesn't see what she can say to Don about this, as we all know how horrible she is at relationships. Don doesn't know how he's supposed to ask Maggie to move in. Dr. Dr. Sloan suggests a marriage proposal. Don is not interested in that. Thank god. It's bad enough that he wants horrible Maggie to actually live in his space. If he proposed, I'd have to disown him entirely. Dr. Dr. Sloan decides that she can be honest with Don since she's leaving soon, and what she wants to say is that someone must have told Don he was a "bad guy" once and he believed him, but he was wrong. "You think you're a bad guy, and you're just not," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. But then she kind of gets mixed up and says that because Don is a bad guy, he tries to do things he thinks good guys do, such as committing to someone he likes, but maybe doesn't love. That's something "good guys" like Jim do all the time. Also, I don't think Dr. Dr. Sloan is referring to Maggie here because she says she's "sweet" and "smart," and Maggie is neither of those things. Don's response to this is "why are you single?" Dr. Dr. Sloan says she's too smart for most guys. Also because Don never asked her out. Don is pretty shocked to find out he had a chance with Dr. Dr. Sloan. The appropriate response would be to dump Maggie yesterday and get with Dr. Dr. Sloan, but then Jim walks in and interrupts, as usual.

Dr. Dr. Sloan tells Jim that Don and Maggie are moving in together. Jim tries not to look bitterly disappointed. "That's great! Cool! I didn't -- all right. Good luck... " He should be so happy that Don is with Maggie so he gets to be with awesome Lisa. Don says he can't remember why he asked to see Jim. Jim takes the hint and leaves. Don tells Dr. Dr. Sloan that he really does want to commit to Maggie. I guess he's blind and deaf, then.

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