Unintended Consequences

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Maggie's Bogus Journey

Marcia says they'll have to get into it because Dantana said Maggie was a flawed witness due to being on SSRIs when she interviewed the general with him. LOL. Isn't, like, most of America on SSRIs at this point? Especially journalists. Our profession is so depressing, it just makes sense. That's not enough to call someone's mental state into question. Yet Marcia is sure that Dantana's lawyers will try to break Maggie and make her cry while she talks about Africa, and that would somehow be enough to convince a jury that she's crazy. So Marcia's going to try to do it first.

Maggie begins: "Gary Cooper and I flew to Uganda." More making fun of Gary Cooper's name. "I laugh every time I read that!" Marcia says. "I can't wait to meet him." Hooray! That seems to indicate that Gary Cooper is not, in fact, dead. So the "dead guy" Maggie saw was someone else. This is fantastic news. Anyway, Maggie says she was on her way to report on her story about the Kony army or whatever but had to do the military's bidding and shoot a puff piece about the army building an addition onto an orphanage. Maggie says they went to the airport straight from ACN's newsroom, because it's always fun to go on long-ass international flights after a long day of work.

Maggie giggles as she recalls the night she left for Uganda and how it was the same night that Will destroyed an Occupier on NewsNight. Nice to see that Maggie has learned compassion for others out of her ordeal. Let's cut to that first.

Maggie of the past and her long blonde hair shuffle through the control room. MacKenzie tells everyone to put in his souvenir requests. One guy immediately asks for any kind of weapon. Keep your eye on him, guys. Another guy asks for a dress. I kind of love that the control room guys are weirdos like that.

Shelly gets her makeup done and tells Neal that "her friends" think this might be a bad idea. Well, now is definitely the time to have second thoughts, Shelly! Dantana calls Neal into the hallway, where Maggie is waiting. Um. Maggie. Just leave already. Stop wandering around ACN with all of your luggage. Neal exposits that they've done everything possible to reach Hamni8, of Twitter fame, but had no luck so far.

This angers Dantana! He punches a wall and decides that Hamni8 must be dead. Neal points out that it's been two years since Hamni8 tweeted. He may well not be able to afford internet anymore. Dantana isn't buying that. He'll buy that the US Military committed a heinous war crime and covered it up for two years, but not that Hamni8 might not be into Twitter anymore.

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