Unintended Consequences

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Maggie's Bogus Journey

A woman calls for Shelly. Neal returns to the make-up room, where Shelly is still having her face brushed. Very attentive make-up people over at ACN, I see. As she heads out into the hallway, Dantana whines that their only chance on the Genoa story is if something falls into their laps. "A preposterous stroke of luck has to occur," he sighs.

Shelly then announces to Neal that one of her OWS friends used to work for an NGO that was shut down by the Pakistani government after he reported that US troops where using chemical weapons on civilians. Well, that's definitely the kind of thing you just off-handedly mention on your way to your ACN debut. Dantana and Neal chase after Shelly, but she doesn't have much more to tell them; she doesn't know the guy's name but would be happy to help them find him once she's done with Will. Neal and Dantana embrace.

Shelly meets Will in the few seconds before the show comes back from commercial. He fucks with her immediately, making her think he's talking to her and then saying he's just taking to the producer in his ear. Wow. What a strategy, there. As Neal looks on nervously because he's personally invested in this OWS thing in a way he should not be as a journalist, Will introduces the audience to Shelly Wexler, "one of the leaders" of OWS.

Neal hopes she won't "take the bait" but she totally does, saying that she isn't an OWS leader because OWS doesn't have any leaders. "This way everyone should have a voice," she says. Or, Will says, there will be a lot of people talking at once. So, OWS is a Sorkin script? Where are the stupid women? Besides Shelly.

Will asks Shelly what OWS is protesting, and she lists off several things. Will says it sounds like the movement isn't very focused, and announces that he is the "1 percent" that those "99 percent" signs hate. But Will's fine with being rich because he's not overpaid – he's paid exactly what he's worth, because of capitalism. He asks Shelly what she thinks we should replace capitalism with. Shelly says she just wants the system to be "fairer."

Will says if she wants that to happen, we'll need new laws. And that's Congress's job. Not Wall Street's. Uh huh. Like Wall Street has nothing to do with the what Congress does and doesn't pass. Okay, Will. And there's no one for a Congressman to meet with anyway, as Shelly stupidly points out. "We're not looking for a meeting," she says. They just want attention, and that attention will somehow make change happen. Oops! Shelly just got exposed as an Underpants Gnome. Phase 1: Protest. Phase 2: ??? Phase 3: Change!

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