Unintended Consequences

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Maggie's Bogus Journey

Neal tries to convince Shelly that her interview went well, but she's not having it because it went terribly. She tells Neal to fuck off and that Will is an asshole. Neal claims he isn't, which is incorrect. Neal also can't read a room, as he then asks Shelly for a favor. Shelly says she's not helping him find that NGO guy now, no matter how many times he tells her it's really, really important. Finally, he tells Shelly that she "tanked" the interview, and Shelly punches him in the stomach. HA HA HA! Neal got assaulted.

He staggers into the newsroom and tells Dantana that Shelly left. Dantana is not able to catch her on the way out.

Looks like the Radisson paid HBO some product placement fees! That's where the Romney bus is staying, and that's where Jim, Hallie, and Stillman show up to get their room keys. Also, we learn that Stillman's first name is, in fact, Stillman. His last name is Frank. Oh, and the Romney campaign isn't paying for their rooms anymore. Can't imagine how they didn't see that coming.

Jim tries to convince Diane at the front desk that they need the hotel rooms because they're staging a very important protest against the Romney bus. Diane doesn't understand what he's talking about and says they don't have three rooms available. Just one, of course. "That was a predictable plot twist, don't you think?" Hallie metas. Yes, it was.

Then Taylor and Cameron show up just to rub it in, because they are evil geniuses. Taylor says she has six empty rooms and would be happy to rent them out to anyone who will say "Romney rocks." Jim says he'll do that for 30 minutes with Romney. Taylor asks him why he keeps asking for this when he knows she's going to say no. "So I can say I kept asking," Jim says very seriously and newsman-y. Taylor says she hates the press. Jim points out that she might want to find a new line of work, then.

With that, Diane offers them a room with two queen-sized beds. Stillman volunteers to sleep in the cot. Hallie mutters that "these things aren't supposed to happen to me. I went to Vassar." Um, those are exactly the things that are supposed to happen to people who went to Vassar. Oh, and then Maggie texts Jim to let him know she is on a plane.

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