Unintended Consequences

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Maggie's Bogus Journey

Daniel lets her read to him as long as he gets to hold the book. She does. She tells Marcia she only read it to him three times, but her flashbacks indicate that it was many more than that. Meanwhile, aren't the orphanage kids trying to learn nearby? Aren't they in school right now? And there's loud-ass Maggie reading the same book over and over again in the corner while I'm assuming Gary Cooper does his actual job.

So Maggie reads the book like 800 times and Daniel seems to like her, even playing with her hair. Pastor Moses explains that Daniel's never seen blonde hair before. "It's nothing but trouble," he tells him. Also troublesome? How late it's getting. Gary Cooper tells Maggie they need to get back to the city, but Ronald says it's too late. They'll be stuck on the roads at night, and that is dangerous. Maggie and Gary Cooper are just a little annoyed with Ronald for not giving them a warning or anything.

Maggie asks the army for a ride back instead, but that's also a no-go because they're apparently flying to Djibouti. Africa expert Maggie asks if that's close to where they're going. Ronald laughs at her and says it isn't. Because it's another country. Meanwhile, is the army just going to leave that orphanage addition like that? It's not even half-done. But at least Maggie gets to spend more time with Daniel.

MacKenzie Skypes with Jim to ask him if he could please do his job and be near the campaign he insisted on covering. Jim claims that he is. MacKenzie asks him to get a comment from Romney about his church. Jim doesn't think that's possible. MacKenzie warns him he'll have to justify his existence soon.

So Jim finds Taylor and asks her why Romney thought the name of Rick Perry's hunting camp was offensive but lead his church during a time when Mormons weren't allowed to be black. Taylor says people can belong to a church and disagree with some its rules at the same time. She points out that Joe Biden is Catholic and no one's attributing every bad thing Catholics have ever done to him. Jim asks if that's the official comment of the Romney campaign. It isn't. "Go fuck yourself, Jim," it turns out, is the official comment.

Jim just smiles, because now he has Taylor. Unlike the Weiner campaign, which lets its communications directors call people "slut bags," the Romney campaign is a professional outfit. Taylor asks what she has to do for Jim to make that comment go away. So what differentiates Jim, a good journalist, from Maggie, a bad one, is that Jim annoys people to get information from them. Maggie just annoys them.

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