Unintended Consequences

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Maggie's Bogus Journey

Cut to Hallie sitting nearby. Taylor walks up and tells her that she just won a 30 minute one-on-one with Romney in a few hours. Hallie smiles for the first time ever.

Don is the next ACN person forced to try to make Shelly feel good. He's pleased to be chosen for this task even though Neal makes it clear that Don was not a choice so much as a default. They catch Shelly coming out of her college teaching duties. Don offers her a spot on Elliot's show that will be "much gentler" than her appearance on Will's. Shelly wants to bash Will on the show, and Don's not on board. "I can't produce your revenge fantasy," he says.

Shelly tries to leave, and Don says they need her help for this "very important story" that he doesn't know anything about. Shelly tells him this can be a lesson for journalists not to look down their noses at people. Whoops! Don gets mad and tells her she has a "debilitating persecution complex." Shelly does not respond well to that.

An excited Hallie types up her Romney-view and says her Vassar-ness surely got her this interview. Jim and Stillman are hanging out nearby since they have to share a room, and Jim gets a Skype from MacKenzie, who says she got a tattle-call from Taylor about how Jim gave an interview away to Hallie. Ha! Taylor still kind of wins. Or not, if Jim turns around and prints her "go fuck yourself" comment in revenge. Hallie overhears this as she's walking out of the room, and her visions of Vassar connections go up in smoke.

MacKenzie accuses Jim of giving an interview away to a girl just to score points with her. Jim says that wasn't why he did it, but he's sorry. MacKenzie says his time with the Romney campaign is over, and Skype-hangs-up on him. Jim sighs and lets Stillman and Hallie back into the room. Hallie shoves her notes at him, saying he can write the interview. Stillman may or may not be furious with Jim for giving the interview away to Hallie and not him.

Jim defends himself, saying that he pissed off a favor out of Taylor and gave it to Hallie because of the way her boss spoke to her earlier. Hallie says she's insulted by Jim's favor because she's experienced enough to get these interviews without his help. And now Jim has made an incorrect snap judgment about her boss. Jim says he knew Hallie might find it insulting but he was banking on her never finding out. "Am I suddenly a fucking receptacle for every women who's pissed at a guy?" Jim asks. But … Hallie's the only one, and the only guy she's pissed at is Jim, so, I don't know. He says Evan sucks and he thought this was the right decision. And he still does. He storms off.

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