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A Nightingale Sang In Siberia Square

In other news, The Amityville Horror is going to be complete and utter ass, and not just because of Melissa George. Hell, even my boyfriend Ryan Reynolds can't save that B-list piece of shit. Trust me on this. And shut up, Melissa. I mean it.

Apple Store. Vaughn's at his desk, plugging "Phillip Burke" into the CIA database. He comes up with the fact that Phillip Burke was killed in Laos on October 21, 1979, the exact same date his father was supposedly killed. He takes this intel immediately to Sydney. Burke's records and Vaughn's father's are identical. The autopsy reports show that Burke was killed with a Makarov pistol, the same make that Irina used to kill Vaughn's father. And the dental records? Identical. So, the question is, what if Irina killed Burke instead of Bill Vaughn? Syd's all, but how would the CIA -- how would anyone -- Vaughn's all, maybe the CIA didn't know. Maybe someone wanted the world to know that Bill Vaughn died and they replaced him with Phillip Burke. Syd thinks about this for a minute and then asks the question that Vaughn totally doesn't want to answer: Where did you get this information?

Vaughn fesses up that the phone call from before wasn't Weiss, it was some guy named "Roberts," which…I don't remember hearing his name, actually. Wonder if a name-dropping scene accidentally got cut or something. It doesn't matter, really, because Syd's so pissed off at Vaughn for not telling her about this that I kind of forget about Roberts. She's all, THAT WAS DUMB, DUDE. He's all, YEAH, BUT IT WORKED. She's all, YOU'RE CRAZY. He's all, yeah? TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW. Also? I made a deal with the guy to bring him the Nightingale transformer coil or something. Syd's all, we don't even know what Nightingale is and you wanna just start handing the damn thing over already? DID YOU HAVE A PLATE OF CRYSTAL METH FOR LUNCH OR SOMETHING? Vaughn's all, dude. We're gonna shut the operation down! They won't be able to get nuclear power for this thing! We do missions like this all the time! Syd's all, not rogue, honey. We never do them rogue. Oh, like going to see Arvin Sloane and letting yourself become an enemy of the state? No. We would never do that, Sydney.

Syd pipes up that Jack wants them to bring this into the Apple Store. Vaughn's like, DUDE? You talked to your dad AGAIN? What the? Syd just defiantly looks at him. He snaps back that Jack and Sloane would never let them keep Nightingale for himself, and besides, he doesn't trust them. He doesn't trust anyone except Sydney, except for when she goes and tattles to Daddy about every little thing Vaughn's doing. Heh. Syd's all, well, how do propose to handle the situation? Vaughn's all, easy. We come clean with the Apple Store, just like your dad wants us to, and then we drop a mission that'll get us Nightingale, and then we run a countermission. "Just like in the old days," says Syd. Their stated goal will be to get the coil, but instead, they'll keep it for themselves. The only problem is, they won't have time to make a duplicate to hand over to the Apple Store, so they'll have to have a Plan B.

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