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A Nightingale Sang In Siberia Square

Jack tells Vaughn and Syd that he's unlocking the control room door. They enter and take out all the scientists within. Vaughn tells Marshall that they're at the control panels. Marshall asks if the reactor's online. Nope. Syd says she can see the transformer inside now. Marshall, following some blueprints, tells them to open up the containment shield; the coil is inside. Vaughn presses some buttons and the shield disappears, revealing the coil. Marshall tells him to release the lock to the chamber. Vaughn does so. Syd heads into the chamber and dismantles the pressure shield.

Back with Jack and Elya. Jack tells Elya that he needs information and he needs it now. Elya plays dumb. Jack hits him. "I know about Nightingale," says Jack. Well, duh. Jack. We all know about Nightingale NOW. Else why would y'all be there? Huh? Elya's all, dude? If you know about Nightingale, then what the hell else can I tell you? Jack's all, how about the location of Yelena Derevko? Elya's all, what the? I don't know. Jack hits him again. Heh. Back with Syd, she's ready to remove the coil. Back again with Jack, he asks Elya again, some more, where Yelena is. Elya says again that he doesn't know. Jack spits out that Elya's been in contact with her, that he couldn't have set all this up without her help. Elya just says that this was years ago and he hasn't talked to her since. "I don't have time for this," snits Jack, shooting Elya in the left leg. Hee. Sorry. I just love it when Jack has no morals and starts shooting everything in sight. It slays me.

Speaking of slaying, a guard makes his way into the test chamber area and starts shooting up the place. Vaughn ducks to get out of the way and all the bullets firing into the control panel make the door to the chamber close. Syd's trapped. Vaughn finally takes out the guard, but it's too late; one of the wayward bullets has triggered the reactor. Syd now has sixty seconds until her face starts to melt. The controls to the door and the reactor are fried, so Syd has no way out. Back with Jack, he's still grilling Elya about Yelena, but Elya's not spilling the beans. That's when Jack hears Vaughn's panicked message about the reactor coming online. Marshall tells Vaughn to bypass something or other, and Vaughn runs off to do it as Sydney's room starts to get uncomfortably DNA-altering…

Marshall guides Vaughn through the bypass procedure. A whole lot of techno mumbo-jumbo ensues. Vaughn does something with wires in order to open the door, but it's still locked. Vaughn tells Marshall he can't bypass the door and that Sydney's in the room with the now-active reactor. Jack hears this and starts looking worried. "Is there another way to shut down the core?" Vaughn asks. "Only if you remove the fuel rods," responds Marshall. Jack looks briefly at Elya and just…shoots him. Just like that. Shoots him dead. "I'm headed toward the core," says Jack, running off. Marshall's all, dude! No! Not that! Exposure to that amount of radiation could kill you! Jack doesn't care. He's running.

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