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A Nightingale Sang In Siberia Square

Syd then makes her way toward her dad, who's running toward her in a panic. They embrace. Aw. "I couldn't stop him," she says, gingerly touching her mouth. "It was Vaughn. He took the coil. I couldn't stop him, Dad." She hugs her father again and Jack looks like, oh, man. You mean I took on all that damn radiation and my dumbass daughter let the coil get away? I shoulda let her fry in there. Or maybe that's just my own inner voice talking…

Sloane's Office of West Elm Furniture. Sloane's perplexed. He's all, uh, I don't get it. Vaughn hit Sydney and ran off with the coil? Last time I checked, that girl couldn't get dropped by a six-foot-three, three-hundred pound mutant ninja turtle, dude. I have a very hard time believing she just went down with a single punch. Jack surmises that Vaughn wouldn't go against the CIA without reason and that someone must be feeding him information. "A third party we're not aware of," he says. "Well, obviously, this complicates our situation," says Sloane. "Yes, I imagine this must be quite upsetting for you, Arvin," spits Jack. "My not anticipating that Sydney and Vaughn's deceit could be greater than your own." Oh, burn. "Have you thought about how we're going to deal with this?" asks Sloane. Jack doesn't answer, but he does go a bit green around the gills. Sloane notices and says, "Jack?" "Hmm?" responds Jack distractedly. "Are you allright?" asks Sloane. "Fine," grits Jack. "Just tired. I'll work up some options on retrieving Vaughn and the coil." He gets up and leaves, with Sloane looking seriously hooded about this entire encounter.

Ovary Electric. Syd's sitting at her kitchen table, eating the hell out of a turkey sandwich. Heh. I like to see a girl who EATS, you know? Her cell phone rings and she goes to pick it up. It's a text message from Vaughn. "I'm okay. Wish me luck…" Aw. This happy little moment is interrupted by a return to the Apple Store, where Jack is mildly limping his way through the office, being trailed by Marshall. Marshall yammers something about the core reactor and saving the day and Jack is all, THIS IS SERIOUSLY NOT THE TIME, DOOFUS. Marshall's not giving up though, so he keeps blabbling about the core being shut down and how he doesn't understand and Jack is like, MARSHALL WHAT THE HELL IS IT. Marshall finally states that he, Marshall, didn't shut down the reactor at all. No. Jack, it should be noted, is walking toward the camera with his right hand stapled to his right thigh. Something so isn't right with him.

Marshall quickly comes to this conclusion as well, as he tells Jack that there's no way he could have shut down the reactor. Jack's all, no! Surely not! No! Marshall blaggles about how it was physically impossible for him to shut it down from a remote location and that it would have to be shut down manually…and hey. What's wrong with your arm? Seriously. Marshall's so dense. "I mean…you," says Marshall, finally getting the effin' clue. "The only way it could happen is if you went into the reactor yourself." And the expression on Victor Garber's face is heartbreaking. God, he's good. It clearly communicates, "Yes. It was me. And there was nothing I could do about it. And I might die because of it. AND YOU WILL TELL NO ONE." "It was my daughter's life," hisses Jack, getting into the elevator. He looks at Marshall, his eyes pleading. "Between us," he grits. The doors slam shut over Jack's secret pain.

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