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A Nightingale Sang In Siberia Square

Vaughn looks around carefully, then pulls out his switchblade and starts picking at the star and hacking at it until he's punching a hole through the wall and getting this totally manic look on his face. Hacking, punching, hacking, punching, and suddenly, dusty, dead hands slam through and grab Vaughn by the neck. Whoa. Vaughn wakes up next to Sydney, thoroughly convinced that he needs to head directly to Walgreen's and pick up a carton of Tylenol PM and possibly a fifth of vodka, because, damn. Those are some wicked creepy dreams he's having. Syd sleeps soundly next to him, and he lies back on the pillows, hoping to dream of nuclear power plants.

Siberia. Yakutia Nuclear Power Plant. Two men are hauling a semi-conscious man up some stairs. We get a brief glimpse of the vastness of the interior of the plant before we rejoin the three men somewhere in a small room. The semi-conscious dude is dumped on the ground and one of the other guys injects him in the neck with something. In an observation booth, Elya Baskin, the actor who played Robin Williams' sad clown best friend in Moscow on the Hudson, orders the two conscious guys to get the hell out of what he calls the test chamber. Standing next to Elya is a rather wooly-looking guy in a vested tweed suit. I looked up the episode on IMDb and it would appear this dude is Robin Sachs, a Brit actor who has appeared in dozens of films and TV shows, one of which was Buffy. Wow. Looks like Drew Goddard is bringing in alllll kinds of people he used to work with. Guess it pays to work with Drew, huh?

So, sorry, back to the nuclear plant. Elya orders someone to bring the reactor online. Elsewhere in the plant, some dude in a Back to the Future jumpsuit takes a nuclear sample or whatever and puts it into the reactor. Elya hits a switch and a big whirring starts. The semi-conscious dude suddenly wakes up and is all, uh, what in the HELL am I doing in here? Elya doesn't respond. He just watches the monitors and the screens and then hits a button and this silver bullet shape in the middle of the test chamber starts to open up, revealing a shiny-plated thingy that looks like it's charging. Back with Elya, the screen in front of him shows some Russian letters and then the translation: NIGHTINGALE. Elya hits a red button and things fire up even more as the computer voice counts down the seconds. The soon-to-be-dead guy is all, no, seriously, WHAT THE HELL? He pleads for his life as Elya and Robin just…stand there and watch him.

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