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A Nightingale Sang In Siberia Square

Nightingale charges more. Dead Guy pleads more. Elya pushes more buttons. The test chamber goes red. Nightingale glows. Dead Guy pleads. Elya and Robin watch. The countdown hits "one" and suddenly, there are a bunch of bright flashes and Dead Guy screams and then he looks up and…his face is kind of melting. There's blood running from his nose and ears and his veins are popping out and, dudes. It totally freaked me out the first time I saw it and I'm not really relishing reliving the moment, you know? Suffice it to say, with every flashing light, Dead Guy becomes Melty Guy and he's still ALIVE and Elya just keeps hitting buttons like YEAH, THAT'S NOT HELPING, ELYA, and poor Melty Guy just keeps…melting.

Finally, Elya hits a green button, bringing Nightingale to an end, and Melty Guy slams himself up against the glass in a last-ditch attempt to plead for his life but…well…he has no lips anymore so he can't really talk and his poor little hands are kind of…clumpy now, so even if he wanted to flip Elya the bird, he can't and…I think he just slides down and hopefully dies at this point but I really don't know because MY EYES ARE CLOSED. Ew. Elya remarks to Robin that he hopes he can see the true power of Nightingale now, and if Robin can't see it, then I've got a freeze-frame of a melty dude on my screen right now that might be able to EDUCATE him. Elya comments that Robin's investment should prove to be quite lucrative. Yeah. I hope so. BECAUSE MELTY GUY, OKAY? It's seriously gross, y'all.

Okay. You grossed me out, yo, but bravo, makeup department. Bravo. Nothing wins awards like melty-faced dudes. Trust me. Also? Good work, Foley folks, because the slapping sound against the glass made by Melty Guy? EWWWWWW. Like, watching the scene was one thing, you know? It was over relatively quickly and I could look away during the truly gross parts -- but I have to keep pausing to recap this and now the scene has taken well over fifteen minutes and every time I have to go back and catch dialogue, I have to play through the melty "whap whap whap" sound made by Melty Guy and GROOOOOSSSSS.

And totally awesome. Hee.

Ovary Electric. Syd and Vaughn are enjoying a post-nightmare breakfast. Syd asks for the front page and they both read their sections in silence for a moment. Finally, Vaughn tells her that someone called him back from the CIA archives yesterday morning and Syd's all, why didn't you tell me he called? Vaughn's all, uh, do I have to tell you everything that happens the moment it happens? Also? He had nothing to tell me so, like, there ya go. Syd says that they'll keep looking and gives Vaughn this really sweet sympathetic look. He receives it graciously and then gets up to get ready for work. What follows is a very cute domestic bliss scene wherein Vaughn keeps looking for his stuff, which seems to be scattered all over the room, as Sydney keeps harping on him about his dad and handing him articles of clothing. Hee. It's totally what a boyfriend and girlfriend would do in the pre-moving-in-together stage. "Honey? Where's my shirt?" "I don't understand why you won't even TALK about this. Here it is." "Because I don't feel like it. Have you seen my shoes?" "If you don't get this out in the open, it'll just fester, fester, fester, rot, rot, rot until you explode. I saw one of them under the bed. I don't know where the other one is." "Why is my other shoe on top of the TV cabinet? How'd it get there?" "I'm serious, honey. You have to talk about this." "I'm serious too. How'd the damn thing wind up on top of the TV?" And so on.

In the Alias version of this scene, however, the subject isn't "Things Your Boyfriend Won't Talk To You About." Instead, it's "Let's Keep Searching For Info On Your Dead Dad, Even Though You're Discouraged And Think He's Really Dead." Vaughn's all, where's my jacket? Syd's all, just because "Nightingale" didn't show up in the archives doesn't mean it's a dead end. It's a setback. And here's your jacket. Also? There are people we can talk to. Vaughn's all, uh, no, not really. There's no one we can talk to. Have you seen my watch? Syd's all, we could bring this to the Apple Store; there may be people to help us there. Vaughn's all, there's my watch! And, no. We're not bringing this to the Apple Store. The last thing I want is Sloane knowing I was investigating my dad's death and using that against me.

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