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A Nightingale Sang In Siberia Square

Syd takes Dietrich into his office and quickly turns her seduction into an ass-kicking. At one point, she gets Dietrich into his chair and is holding him hostage with her shiny black shoes. Hee. She's all, where are your business files? He's all, aaarrrghrrrrhppppthththt. She's all, WHERE? He's all, on my computer. She's all, show me or I'll make you eat my shoe! He enters a code and gains access to the files. "Please don't hurt me," he gasps. WHAAAPPP! Syd downs him with a swift face kick. Heh. She dispatched him too quickly, however, because when she goes to check out the Nightingale file, it's encrypted. So, she decides to take the whole hard drive with her. Vaughn calls and tells her the bodyguards are getting antsy. They head her way and Vaughn intercepts, pretending to be Interpol. One of the guards gets past him, however, and gains access to the office. He's all, uh, what're you doing in here? Syd's all, I'm Klaus's cousin! He asked me to come back here. The guard's all, uh, that's funny, BECAUSE I'M KLAUS. Syd just kicks the shit out of him. Heh. It's hilarious because she has this innocent face on when she's pretending to be Klaus' cousin, but the second she realizes the jig is up, her face turns instantly to spy-chick and that's when she goes to town on Klaus. Hee hee hee.

Syd runs pell-mell out of the office and toward the beer hall. Vaughn's still messing around with the second-in-command dude. Syd then appears and…LAUNCHES HERSELF ACROSS THE BAR AND SLIDES ALL THE WAY ALONG IT. I'm sorry for the all caps but HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE. I am still laughing my ass off at this part. Wait. I have to watch it again. HEE HEE HEE. As Syd slides, Vaughn whaps the dude in the face and he falls directly into Syd's path. She swings around and delivers a flat-out roundhouse kick to his head. Hee. Then she slams a stein into the head of one of the other guards as Vaughn handles the last one. They catch their breath and then head to the door. "Auf Wiedersehen!" shouts Syd as they leave. And the whole bar erupts in "YAAAAAY!!!" Hee hee hee. Those happy drunken Germans. Nothing bothers them as long as they have their beer. Or is that me?

Hell-Lay. Syd and Vaughn are back at the Ovary Electric, apparently returned from their romantic getaway. Vaughn fiddles with some wires and a motherboard and tells Syd to try it. She says it works, but the drive is still encrypted, so it'll take awhile. Vaughn's phone rings and when he picks up, a voice says, "Say it's Weiss." Vaughn's all, huh? "Tell your girlfriend that it's Weiss, if you want to know about your father." Vaughn immediately turns to Syd and mouths, "Weiss." He turns away to continue the conversation. The guy on the other end of the line says that they got lucky in Munich, but Nightingale can't answer his questions about his father, only Mysterious Guy can. So, if Vaughn wants answers, he has to head to Sherwood Library. And he has to not tell Sydney about it. Tell her? And she's dead.

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