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A Nightingale Sang In Siberia Square

Vaughn gets off the phone and lies to Syd that Weiss wants to meet up for a burger. Syd immediately says he should go while she works on the hard drive. He leaves, obviously bothered that he has to lie to Sydney, the only person up until now that he's been able to trust.

Once at the library, Vaughn wanders the aisles until his cell phone rings. Mysterious Guy tells him to pick up a copy of Through the Looking Glass. Vaughn rolls his eyes at the request. The audience rolls their collective eyes at J.J. Abrams including yet another Alice in Wonderland reference. Enough already. That is so…Season One. Vaughn finds the book in the children's section, and inside is a syringe wrapped in a blue ribbon that reads, "INJECT ME." Heh. I would have preferred a cookie that said "EAT ME," but this will do. Vaughn's all, oh, for god's SACK, and he angrily tosses the syringe into the garbage and prepares to stalk off and ignore Mysterious Guy.

And that's when the cell phone rings again. Vaughn picks up and is all, dude? Seriously? What kind of IDIOT would inject himself? Mysterious Guy is all, dude. If I wanted you dead, I could kill you right now. You wanna know about your daddy? You have two minutes to stick yourself with the needle. Vaughn picks up the syringe and retreats to a corner of the room where, apparently, no librarians ever go. He has a two-minute internal drama about whether or not to stick himself and then, finally, goes ahead and does it. Vartan rocks this scene, by the way. Angst, turmoil, worry, fear, desperation, they're all there. We go to commercial before we can see just what the Wonderland serum does.

Hell-Lay. Jack's back in Sloane's office, updating him on the Munich trip. Sloane's all, what'd they find? Jack's all, uh, yeah. We don't really know that yet. Sloane's all, homie! I thought the idea was to let them open doors that we couldn't and then rein them in if they got too far! I don't really see much in the way of containment here, buddy. Jack just says that he can go to Sydney and convince her to bring the case to the Apple Store. Sloane ponders this, but ultimately deems Sydney too intuitive. "Considering your relationship," he says, "she'll see right through you, through us." Heh. He's totally right. "No she won't," says Jack. "I know exactly how to approach her." Damn. He can be one cold bastard.

We switch to Sydney, still working on the hard drive. Her phone rings. It's Jack. He wants to know if she'd join him for dinner. She hesitates, and he puts on this pseudo-casual voice and says, "Hey! I was just hoping you'd…you know, join me for dinner." Wow. Don't break a sweat or anything, Jack. Pretending to be nice and normal must be such a strain for you. Syd buys his act, though, and says she'll meet him in thirty minutes. Just then, the computer deciphers the hard drive and Syd discovers exactly what Nightingale is. Looks like it has something to do with molecular manipulation, but we'll find out more about that when Syd spills some more beans to her dad.

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