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Hookin' For Uranium

Flash back to a year ago, when Alex was test-driving a "heroin chic" look. She shows up at her dealer's house, but scumbag Ronnie doesn't think she's paying him enough for a hit. So he gives her an actual hit, right across the face. Ronnie and his scumbag buddies pin her down on a bed. Luckily, Nikita walks into the room before he can take off more than his shirt. "Let the girl go," she says. They pull guns on her, so she kicks all their asses. Frightened, Alex finds a gun and fires wildly. Nikita knocks her out before she can shoot anyone.

Charm School. The recruits are lined up at a long table, all blindfolded as they assemble and disassemble submachine guns by touch alone. An instructor barks at them to do it again. Alex finishes first, even ahead of poor, slow Thom. The instructor praises her. Jaden gives her the ol' stink eye. Michael calls Alex away from the group, telling her she's been activated for an op. This just pisses Jaden off even more. "I'm gonna get that bitch," she swears. Thom looks worried. Maybe the next class is about dressing yourself, and he hasn't mastered tying his own shoes yet.

Alex is with Amanda, getting her hair and makeup done. Alex wonders why she's being activated so early, and Amanda guesses Michael has seen the improvement in her. "He wouldn't use you if he didn't think you were ready." "Ready for what?" Alex wants to know. No one will tell her what her mission is. Amanda says it's safer that way. That... doesn't seem likely. Amanda tells her it's a gift to be activated. "And it's very rude to question a gift." This leads to Alex flashing back again to a year ago. She wakes up trapped in a steamy, makeshift sauna in Nikita's loft. She screams to be let out. Nikita is once again wandering around in her lingerie, waiting for the Victoria's Secret camera crew. She explains that the sauna will help Alex get clean. She echoes Amanda's words about gifts. Alex begs for a hit. Nikita, obviously pained, sympathizes with her. She knows the symptoms of withdrawal, because she's been through it herself. Nikita wipes away tears and says, "I only promise you one thing: it's going to get worse before it gets better."

In the present day, Michael leads a gussied-up Alex into Dadich's suite. "So where's the party?" she asks, looking around at the otherwise empty room. Dadich indicates the bedroom. Alex looks back at Michael, whose look of shame tells her everything she needs to know about why she's really there. She puts on a smile and follows Dadich into the bedroom, while Michael watches, looking sick. Alex excuses herself to the bathroom to "freshen up" and takes a phone in with her. Once alone, she dials Nikita. Nikita's on the other line, speaking to a source in French about getting dirt on Division when she gets the call from Alex. Alex gives Nikita all the pertinent details about the mission, including the fact that she's with Dadich right now. Nikita grabs her new gun and hauls ass.

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