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Hookin' For Uranium

Division has also found her. In Charm School headquarters, Amanda says she's Hanna Cushko, daughter of a scientist who once worked for Dadich. Birkhoff suggests trying facial recognition software to find her if she tries to leave the country, but Michael thinks it would be too late. Hanna will have the uranium by then, so they need to get ahead of her.

Nikita's thoughts are much the same. She finds a shot of the Interlopers' van and calls 911 and pretends it's hers. She gives the operator the license and says it was stolen. In said van, Hanna and the Interlopers are beating Dadich. They demand to know the location of the GPS. Dadich feigns ignorance. "You really don't remember me, do you?" Hanna asks. This time, his ignorance is real, so she explains her father used to work for him in his secret nuclear program. She's pissed that her father was executed after Dadich fled. He tries to make a deal with her, but she's not dealing. "The uranium my father enriched for you is his only legacehh!" she says, piling the accent on. She's going to sell it to support the family. They beat on Dadich some more.

In Nikita's loft, a long night of listening to a police scanner pays off when she overhears a report on "her" stolen van. She races off.

Charm School HQ. Birkhoff works his computer magic to find surveillance footage of Dadich stashing the GPS device inside a subway station before he was arrested. Hannah and the interlopers are already there with Dadich. He leads them to a locker inside the station. "Very clever," Hanna remarks. Really? Don't half of all baddies in movies do exactly this? It almost never ends well. As soon as Hannah has the satchel with the GPS device, Nikita is there to grab it away. Hanna and her men pull guns and fire. Subway patrons scream and scatter. Nikita fires back. Michael and Division operatives arrive on the scene. Rock music and guns blaze. Dadich hides behind a column. Hanna's men are taken out in moments. Hanna herself advances on Michael, gun raised. Michael shoots her in the upper chest and she goes down. Nikita takes the opportunity to slip away. Dadich points in her direction and Michael runs. He chases her down to an empty subway platform, calling her name. She jumps down to the tracks and climbs up the opposite side. Michael, his gun trained on her, demands she give him the GPS. "You can have it," she says cheerfully, tossing the bag onto the tracks just as a train comes into view. The bag is promptly smushed. "Oops!" Nikita says. By the time the train thunders past, Michael is aiming at empty space.

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