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Hookin' For Uranium

Michael is one unhappy baby otter. He goes back to Dadich, who wants a gun so he can kill Hanna. Michael ignores him and calls Percy. He fills Percy in on the details and asks how he's going to explain the mess to the police when they arrive. Percy thinks for a second and then: "You're the heroic agent who foiled a terrorist plot to deliver nuclear material into the hands of our enemies." But what to do with Dadich? He'll just blab to the police. Percy thinks a bit longer. "He was the one behind it," he says. Michael's mood brightens ever so slightly. Dadich starts trying to kiss his ass, but Michael just takes out his gun, aims it at Dadich's head, and pulls the trigger.

In her loft, Nikita is watching the news reports about the supposed terrorist plot. "Good save, Percy," Nikita says, lifting a glass of wine.

Charm School training facility. Alex is having it out with a heavy bag. Michael approaches her. I just noticed how bright blue his suit is. It's almost pimptastic... which I guess is oddly fitting for this episode. Alex tries to thank him for saving her, but he cuts her off. Percy's disappointed with her performance. "You've been given two weeks to show visible improvement," he says, "or it's over." Jaden's in trouble, too, but I have a hard time caring about that.

Time for one last flashback. Nikita arrives home with groceries, only to find Alex unconscious on the floor, an empty pill bottle in her hand. Nikita forces a glass of soapy water down her throat until she pukes up the pills. Alex flails away from Nikita's caring touch. "Just let me die!" she screams. She lies on the floor, crying that she has nothing to live for. Everyone she loves is dead. Nikita sits on the floor next to her. She already knows all that. She admits to following Alex, to knowing how she got here and who killed her parents. "Trust me," she says, "you have something to live for." She offers her hand to Alex. Alex stares up at her in awe and takes her hand. Fade to black.

See what our No Prior Knowledge vlogger thinks of Nikita, below:

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