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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Vlad's Lair of Unfabulousness. Vlad locks Alex into a small cage where he used to keep his pit bull. She can't even sit up without hunching over. Vlad leaves. Irina huddles in a corner of the room. Alex begs for her help.

Michael goes to Amanda for help. She's busy, but suddenly finds time when Michael says, "I'd like to get to the bottom of this before Percy finds out." She sees an opportunity to work against Percy, although she doesn't say anything like that to Michael. Michael tells her what's going on and needs to know more about Alex. Amanda says she's trying to hide her past.

She must tell him more than that, but we cut to Vlad's lair. He's setting up a camera to record Alex. He got the camera to film pornos, he says, but didn't find it very lucrative. He must be the world's worst shady businessman if he couldn't make a killing in porn. "You know, ever since Wonder Woman cut me up, I started thinking what the hell was so special about you?" Alex promises to kill him. Unwisely, Vlad laughs this off. He gestures for Irina to sit on his laugh so he can tell her a story about Anastasia Romanov. The story sounds a lot like Alex's and the parallel is made even clearer as Alex remembers the fire that killed her own family. Anastasia's body wasn't found with those of her murdered family. Vlad goes on to say that she was rumored to be alive, hiding from her father's enemies. "The rumors were false," Alex says. "She died in the fire." "No, she's here," Vlad says. He makes an elaborate bow in her direction, calling her the daughter of "the new Czars." She's the heir to Nikolai Udinov's billion-dollar company, Zetrov. Alex's look of hatred nearly kills Vlad where he stands.

Flashback. Little Alex sees the chauffeur accepting money from strange men. He tells her that the men will take her and do not know who she really is. "You sold me to them, I saw it," she says. He looks ashamed. "I have children of my own to feed," he explains." As if it makes anything better, he says he could have sold her to the new head of Zetrov for more money. She clutches her father's watch, which the chauffeur tells her to hide. He drags her to a slightly younger Vlad, who is almost unnervingly polite and friendly.

In the present day, Vlad tries to get Alex to confess her true identity on camera. Alex still protests that he's got the wrong girl. "Then who the hell are you?" he asks. This leads to a flashback of the Loft of Fabulousness, some eight months ago. Nikita and Alex are prepping her backstory for Division. They decide to stick relatively close to the truth. "My parents both died," Alex says eight months ago. She picks up in the present, for Vlad's cameras: " a car accident." She tells him the well-rehearsed lie about the car accident that we've heard her telling Amanda before. Vlad doesn't believe it, because Alex gave Irina her father's watch before she escaped. Irina was supposed to sell it. Vlad has it now. He dangles it in front of Alex like bait.

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