Coup de Grace

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Love and Other Royal Pains
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After the increasingly awkward intro, we join Alex in a Charm School training room. She's rehearsing a mission with a small group of other agents. As she describes their plan, the scene is intercut with shots of Nikita at the "Thorburg Cultural Center," scoping out the guards and other security measures that Alex is detailing. The plan is to hit the center during an exhibition of Georgian crown jewels and take down their target just as he takes the podium. The team leader, played by Brendan Fehr, seems overly confident of how easily and quickly they'll complete their mission. The universe laughs at him.

Later, Alex and Nikita are at the Loft of Fabulousness. Time to get through an expository chunk: Division's target is Prince Erik of Georgia, Alex and her team will be posing as Georgian armed forces, Nikita thinks someone wants it to look like the President of Georgia is behind the job. Alex thinks it's a "good way to start a coup," but I prefer a "yo mama" joke contest. "Yo mama so fat, people think she's the Caucasus Mountains every time she bends over!" Alex and Nikita watch some fluff TV interview of Prince Erik and his wife Princess Kristina. Kristina says both she and her husband come from royal families with claims to the throne. Marrying has united both their peoples. Nikita's impressed that Alex got such a profile op for her first mission: "Michael must really believe in you." Alex says Michael has nothing to do with this one, seeing as how he hates Percy's missions-for-hire. Aren't those, like, 99% of what Division does? Plus, it doesn't seem like Percy would just let him sit them out. But this time, at least he has the excuse of working on Division's security after Nikita's breach. Nikita is thoughtful for a while. "Has he asked about me?" she asks. "In an operational context, that is." No, but he has been seen doodling your name in his Trapper Keeper. Alex is curious about Nikita's history with Michael, but Nikita, embarrassed by her momentary lapse, wants them to focus on the mission. She needs a copy of all the mission intel.

Alex heads to Division's ops room with a flash drive. That won't be suspicious at all. Indeed, a nerd drone (Birkhoff is on leave) immediately confronts her. She lies, badly, that she just wanted to review the plans for the mission and the drone miraculously believes her. He sends the files to her phone. On her way out, she runs into Michael. They chitchat about his "Nikita-proof" security measures. He says, "She has a way of corrupting systems from the inside." Ooh, meaningful. He looks sad and angry.

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