Coup de Grace

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Love and Other Royal Pains

Loft of Fabulousness. Nikita and Alex go over the files, trying to figure who on the inside would want Prince Erik dead. Their suspicion falls on General Zahidov, who seems in prime position to start an uprising if the president is blamed. He's also head of Erik's security. Alex suggests going through Princess Kristina to warn the prince. "I'll work on a cover to get into the museum event," Nikita says. "We'll be in and out before Division even gets there." You just jinxed it, lady!

She arrives at the Cultural Center on the night of the exhibit, dressed in a slinky silver dress that's slit all the way up her thigh. There's zero cellulite on Maggie Q. She approaches a young woman wearing a headset. Her name is Leela. Nikita asks to speak to Princess Kristina, saying that one of the necklaces is a fake. She talks some gemology razzle dazzle and convinces Leela to bring her to Kristina. As soon as Nikita is alone with the princess, she says, "Someone is going to kill your husband tonight." To prove it, she hands Kristina a copy of her supposedly private itinerary. Kristina calls for Zahidov, but Nikita warns her that he's compromised. Kristina talks to him privately, then returns to tell Nikita that she made some excuse. Naturally, this is a lie, which Nikita discovers when Zahidov pops up a moment later to taser her into unconsciousness. "We have to get rid of her," Kristina says coolly. She's an ice princess.

After a commercial break, Kristina is on the phone with Percy. He assures her that everything is fine, but she's all, "Who the hell is this bitch?" Nikita is still zonked out or she'd kick her ass for that. Percy dismisses her importance and tells Kristina to keep Nikita out of the way... "Although if you do kill her, I'd be happy to cut my commission." Zahidov wheels in a big laundry cart. Dude, I'm pretty sure her dress is dry clean only!

Cut to a van en route to the exhibit. Steven, the cocky team leader from earlier, says Percy just told him that Nikita is on the scene, but she's been "put down." Alex has a minor freakout.

Zahidov wheels Nikita down to the basement. He whips out a knife to finish her off, but she pops out of the cart and kicks his ass quite handily. She grabs his walkie, purposefully breaks the stiletto heels off her shoes, and runs off to do her Nikita thang. Meanwhile, Alex the Division agents, now clad in Georgian army gear and masks, descend on the cultural center. They shoot two guards in the chest (too bad the good guys didn't hatch any plans to save those two poor schmucks) and head for the exhibit, where Prince Erik is just about to take the stage. At the same time, Nikita is pummeling Erik's two guards. She grabs Erik and tells him his life is in danger. As if to illustrate her point, the agents stroll into the exhibit room and paint the ceiling with machine gun fire. Museum-goers scream and take cover. Steven shouts "For the patriots of Georgia!" in Georgian and aims his gun at the stage. Only then does he realize that his intended target isn't there. In plain, unaccented English, he shouts orders for the others to find the prince, thereby blowing whatever little ruse they had going. He heads for the security office, leaving Alex in charge.

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