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We Could Be Heroes
e protests the idea that she's a hero. Inside the shack, Fletcher's getting the snot beaten out of him. There's a video camera trained on him but he won't confess. A little TV in the corner starts broadcasting a White House press conference. A man, let's say he's the Press Secretary, announces that Ryan Fletcher was responsible for Quintana's death. Quintana, realizing he doesn't need Fletcher's taped confession anymore, orders him killed. A rebel pulls a plastic bag down over Fletcher's head. Outside, Nikita and Owen are fighting their way through the guards. When all the guards are down, our would-be heroes give each other kind of a hot open-mouthed stare. Fighting gets them going, I guess. They bust into the shack and engage Navaja and his men. There is much kicking of ass and much shooting of guns, but somehow Fletcher avoids getting shot while just sitting there all tied up. When all the rebels are down, Nikita frees Fletcher. "Who are you?" he asks. "I'm Nikita," she says. "You hung up on me." Well, a bunch of armed rebels sort of cut him off. Fletcher wants an explanation, but Nikita rightly prioritizes their escape.

They emerge from the shack and right into a Division ambush. They take cover behind a truck. Michael shouts for them to surrender. Nikita and Owen toss out a few ideas for escape, none of which seem all that great. About this time, Michael picks up a rocket launcher and blows up another truck, cutting off one of their routes of escape. Their hands forced, they flee into the forest.

Charm School. Alex is in computer class with all the other recruits. She messages Nikita for instructions. She gets no reply, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. She just gets up and leaves in the middle of class. She crawls into an air duct that leads to the tech dungeon. There, Birkhoff is comparing Percy to Lord Sauron, asking him to "forge the One Ring." He's having no luck with the black boxes. It all comes down to the encryption being too big for wireless... or something. We get a little background on Birkhoff, who was apparently a hacker named "Shadow Walker" before Percy recruited him. The Engineer rags on him, which I guess inspires Birkhoff to try harder... or something.

Nikita, Owen and Fletcher are still running through the forest, Division close behind. Somehow, Division manages not to hit any of them despite firing hundreds of rounds. Just when it looks like Division is catching up, armed men emerge from the forest floor. "Freeze! United States Army!" Gil is with them. Nikita and the gang surrender. Michael and Division slink off, unseen.

Later, Gil has the gang on an army transport plane. Owen's looking at his chains like he's thinking of a way out. Nikita thinks it would be a bad idea to try to escape at 30,000 feet. Fletcher's at the front of the plane, trying to talk things out with Gil. He points out that the White House press conference was just hours after the rebels grabbed him, so obviously he was framed. He begs Gil to let him to talk to the prisoners, to try to clear his name.

Charm School. Percy's on the phone with John at the CIA, having pissing contests over who's going to bring down whom. Since Percy has all the dirt on Oversight, I know where I'd place my bets. Meanwhile, Birkhoff and the Engineer are playing some kind of... Mortal Kombat... thing. Don't know which one, sorry. Their minds thus cleared with simulated fighting, Birkhoff figures out how to fix their black box problem. In doing so, he gains access to a map that shows the location of the other black boxes. While Alex is still in the air duct, Jaden blocks her escape route. Percy checks on the geeks' progress. "First box I want to test is in London," he says once the Engineer assures him that Birkhoff now knows the whole system. He's also inadvertently assured Percy that he's now obsolete, so Percy just snaps his neck like a Kit-Kat bar while Birkhoff and Alex watch in horror. "Oh, my God!" Birkhoff gasps. "What did you do?!" "I promoted you," Percy says smoothly. Birkhoff stumbles away to go change his underpants.

Jaden rummages around Alex's room. She doesn't find the incriminating picture, but she does find the fingerprint dealie Alex stole from Birkhoff. Alex, having found her usual escape blocked, crawls around the ducts until she emerges in the locker room. She composes herself just in time for Jaden to walk in with a guard, blabbing about how Alex must be "up to something." She's shocked to find Alex sitting there. On the one hand, it's good that at least someone notices Alex is up to something. On the other hand: Shut up, Jaden.

30,000 feet in the air. Nikita has decided to tell Fletcher everything about Division after he says he joined the CIA when his brother was killed in Afghanistan. He just seems trustworthy and heroic, I guess. Like a trustworthy and heroic little kitten. She also tells him that if Division is threatened, Percy will release all its dirty little secrets, creating global chaos. She asks him to help her find Division's moles in the government. Fletcher is suspicious, but Nikita says she wants to take down Division to help pay back the sins she committed while working for them. Owen gives Fletcher the thumb drive in exchange for helping them get off the plane. This involves calling Gil over when Owen fakes a seizure. Owen handily grabs Gil's gun and turns it on the soldiers. He unlocks his and Nikita's chains, then grabs them each a parachute. Heh. You can totally see Owen's butt crack when he bends over to raise the hatch. Before they jump, Nikita shouts "You should have listened to me!" at Fletcher, so that he doesn't look complicit in their escape.

Percy and Michael are in Ops, watching a live news report as Fletcher is taken into custody. "I should have blown that plane out of the sky when I had the chance," Percy says. "If you did that, we'd have no hope of finding the black box," Michael explains for us. Now Michael worries about what Fletcher will do. Percy already has a plan.

In the Loft of Fabulousness, Nikita gets a message from Alex about the London black box. She also messages, "I saw what Percy is capable of." To illustrate the point, we get a cutaway to John at the CIA, slumped forward on his desk, as Roan places an open bottle of bills near his cold, dead hand. A news report names him as the one who tried to frame Fletcher for the assassination.

To wrap things up, Nikita goes for another swim in Newark. Owen's waiting at the edge of the pool when she surfaces. "This is me, standing in the light," he says. Ooh, meaningful. Owen makes plans to go to London to look for the black box guardian while Nikita stays behind to help Alex. He gives her his black box, which Nikita promptly shoots into many itty bitty pieces. "One down, six to go," she says. What's stopping Percy from making more of those things? Best not to think too hard, methinks. Owen turns to go, then stops. "You were wrong back there at the camp," he says. "About not going in quiet?" she asks. He flashes her a winning smile: "About not being a hero." And that's how we go out this week. Le sigh!

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