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Future Imperfect
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The episode starts with Alex and Nikita sparring in a disheveled mansion. Is this what's below the Loft of Fabulousness? For some reason, there are a lot of chairs all over the place. Given the nature of the episode, are the chairs symbolic? All these places to rest and Alex can't stop for a second. Or maybe the props department just had a lot of extra chairs. As they spar, Nikita quizzes her on info she'll need inside Division, like the location of the secret exit and how to access the shell program. Then Nikita holds up a picture of something that looks like a red 45 adapter. Alex freaks out. "Where did you get that?" she demands. Nikita doesn't answer. The sparring continues. Finally, Alex is too exhausted to keep going, saying she feels like she's been drugged. Nikita tells her that Division will kill her if they find out she's a mole or that she's Alexandra Udinov. Alex asks about Nikita's own secrets, like Michael or Owen or some guy named Whitfield who apparently gave her the LoF. Nikita calmly asks her why she's brought up Whitfield. Things start to go wonky. Amanda's voice comes through Nikita's computer. "You have secrets, Alex." Amanda wants to know those secrets. Alex is confused. Nikita says, "You're starting to remember." Alex breathes hard, turns toward a wall of windows. A storm is approaching. She realizes she really was drugged. She's terrified when she remembers that Michael brought her to Amanda. "She's trying to find out who I am." Nikita tells her to wake up. The storm explodes through the window, hurling shards of glass at Alex.

She wakes up in the medical lab at Division. She's awake insofar as her eyes are open, but she has about the same pep level as a zombie. She's strapped into something that looks like the dental exam chair of your nightmares. A doctor tells Amanda that Alex is awake and under the influence of ibogaine. Michael's standing in the doorway. He's worried about Amanda using drugs on Alex, but Amanda gives him the short version of the Wikipedia entry. Basically, ibogaine is used to treat opiate addiction. It's also a hallucinogen that has put Alex into a "waking dream state." She'll be able to access her deepest fears, with Amanda's nudging. "So you're using rehab to run an interrogation," Michael says. "I'm multitasking," Amanda says. Heh. Amanda's miffed that Alex has been keeping secrets and plans to find out what they are. Alex is muttering. "Wake up... remember... Whitfield... not a secret." Michael glares as he is wont to do and leaves the room.

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