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Future Imperfect

Interrogation. Alex is muttering about needing to hide. When the doctor needlessly explains that the little girl in Alex's dreams is her younger self, Amanda gives him the best look ever. It's like rolling her eyes and shooting daggers all at once, which is just a deadly combination. Amanda tells Alex to find a safe place. Suddenly, the Kia that Michael gave her is there, like a little product-placed oasis. Both Alexes crawl under it. Amanda prompts her to remember the night her parents died. Little Alex remembers hiding under the bed as the house burned around her. Her father is shot and he falls, landing on the ground next to the Kia. Suddenly, Nikita pulls Alex out by her feet. "Nikita?" Alex gasps. Amanda latches onto this. "Alex, why is Nikita there?" "She wants to escape," Alex says. All the "the lies become the truth" training she's done with Nikita is paying off, because she manages not to say anything too incriminating even while under Amanda's control.

Meanwhile, Michael is toiling away at a computer, playing back a phone conversation he had with Alex after the evil princess bride operation. Something about her voice puzzles him. He goes to find Birkhoff, interrupting his Internet porn session. He wants Birkhoff to create an "audio profile" of the call because he thinks Alex wasn't really at home like her tracker indicated. He hears an echo or something that sounds out of place. Are otters known for their excellent hearing?

Alex's apartment. Strangely enough, there's no surveillance equipment at all. Nikita's in there, getting a dirty glass with Alex's fingerprints and grabbing a passport from her nightstand. The door opens. A man sneaks up behind Nikita with a baseball bat. Nikita easily disarms him and pins him to the floor under her boot. It's Nathan, Alex's nosy nascent boyfriend. They each accuse the other of breaking in until finally Nathan explains who he is. He heard Nikita going into the apartment and used his key (already?!) to get in. Alex missed their date so he was worried about her. Nikita makes up something about Alex having to go out of town suddenly and asking Nikita to check up on her place.

Interrogation. Alex's heart rate is elevated. Amanda is frustrated because Alex keeps resisting her. Amanda tells her to slow down. In the dream, Nikita tells Alex she has to hurry. "She's coming, remember?" Push. Pull. Alex is the rope in this tug-of-war. "I'm not afraid of her," Alex says. Amanda assumes she means Nikita and tells Alex to stop her. Her mind conjures up Michael. Nikita goes to fight him, but all the punching and shoving and grunting turn into a steamy makeout session. "I knew there was something between them," Alex says. "Michael was all, 'Nikita's like a cancer!'" She goes Michael's gruff Batman voice and everything. Hee! She and Little Alex sneak away while the grownups get their mack on. As they run, booming footsteps follow them. They duck into Alex's recruit quarters. "You can't stop her," Little Alex says. "I won't let Amanda hurt you," Alex tells her. In the real world, Amanda is shocked to hear her name come up, because Alex is not supposed to be aware of what's going on. But it's not Amanda that scares Little Alex. She holds up her palm; it bears the symbol we saw earlier. The whole room shakes so hard it nearly comes apart at the seams. Maybe it's Godzilla?

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