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Future Imperfect

Birkhoff shows Michael the results of his audio analysis. His techno magic has analyzed the sound of Alex's voice and created a 3D image of what her surroundings looked like at the time during the phone call. We know it's the Loft of Fabulousness, but in computer form it looks kind of like the Parthenon. "The plot thickens," Birkhoff says. Then: "What exactly is the plot again?" Heh. Michael just glares.

Interrogation. Amanda grows more frustrated as Alex continues to fight her. In the dream, the mysterious female enemy is beating at the door. The metal cracks. Little Alex leads Alex under the bed, which magically elongates into a tunnel that leads to the bed in Alex's apartment. Immediately she calls Nikita and leaves her a message, smartly not using any names as she does so. She grabs a gun and goes looking for Little Alex, but finds Nathan in the kitchen. "Nathan," she whispers, dooming him. She asks him if he's seen a little girl. He acts like she's playing around with him and points her to a bassinet where a baby girl -- their baby girl -- is safely snuggled. Nothing scares me more than babies, but Alex is beyond pleased. In the dream, she and Nathan have been married three years. She's blissed out in the med lab, so Amanda reminds her to be afraid. In the dream, an envelope appears, addressed to Alexandra Udinov. Inside, there's only the symbol. The apartment shakes. "She's coming!" She busts through the door, gun in her hand...and lands back in Division. She verbalizes her displeasure.

Gustav's Forgeria. Everyone on this show has a fabulous loft. Dang. Gustav has also made IDs for Daniel and Whitfield, among others. He acts like Nikita is a sucker for having friends. Nikita wants to talk about something else, so he tells he's found a Swedish neurosurgeon who can remove Alex's chip. He wants cash, and a lot of it. Gustav wonders if Alex is worth it.

Interrogation. Amanda wonders why Alex would ever want to leave Division. Maybe because y'all keep pimping her out and drugging her? In the dream, Jaden is playing the violin. She calls Alex a traitor. She represents Alex's guilt, calling her out over Thom's death. Jaden whacks her over the head with the violin, putting the "AAH!" in "Amati." A vicious fight ensues. Jaden laughs, bleeding. "Killer instincts -- it's in your blood." Jaden's blood stains her dress in the shape of that symbol. Alex skewers her with a music stand. In the lab, she's crying, saying she doesn't want to kill anyone. She says she wants to go back to Nathan, but Amanda compels her to find the little girl again.

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