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Future Imperfect

Interrogation. Michael walks into the lab only to find Alex gone. The battered doctor says Alex was looking for a way out. "But don't worry, Amanda's with her," he says. That's all the more reason to worry. Elsewhere in Division, Alex is making her way toward the silo entrance. Michael intercepts her, gently lowers her to the ground. When Amanda catches up, Michael says Alex was returning to the place where she killed Thom. Alex continues to hallucinate. She and her younger self escape through the silo as Amanda narrates that the "mysterious female nemesis" that Alex fears is obviously herself. As Alex reaches the top of the silo, a group of armed men grab her and bring her face to face with a slightly older version of herself. It's Lyndsy in a terrible bobbed wig and fur coat. Her older self is wearing the stylized Z as a necklace.

The men drag her into the Udinov mansion, now restored to its former glory. The slightly older version of Alex looks like Amanda Peet. She tells Alex to take back her legacy. "Reclaim what they stole. Become the person that Papa raised you to be." Alex says she doesn't want to be a killer. She wants to be normal and happy. Nathan and the baby are cooing at each other in the next room. Older Alex calls them distractions and pulls out a gun. Alex screams and tries to stop her, but guards grab her. "I don't want to be you!" she shrieks. "But you will be," her future self says. As the camera pans up to an imposing portrait of Papa Udinov, two gunshots ring out.

Division. Alex and Amanda have a chat in Amanda's lair. They talk about Nathan. Alex says she killed him in her dream. Amanda reminds her of the dangers of becoming attached to someone. In a deceptively friendly voice, Amanda says Nathan has nothing to fear... as long as Alex keeps doing her job. Alex manages to remain stony-faced. Later, Amanda goes to Percy and recommends Alex be canceled. She thinks Alex is going to be another Nikita, wanting to escape Division. Amanda, no! Keep her alive and use her against Percy!

Cliffhanger. Alex returns to her apartment, pausing for a moment outside Nathan's door. Loud thumping music comes from inside. So glad he's not my neighbor. Once in her own place, Alex calls Nikita and tells her she might be ready to "get out before it's too late." She's also worried about Nathan. Nikita's just walking into the Loft of Fabulousness when she suddenly stops in her tracks. A shadowy figure is waiting for her. "Why don't I call you back later and we'll figure something out?" Nikita asks, her voice uncharacteristically flat. Finally, we get a look at her unannounced visitor. It is, of course, Michael. He's just sitting there, calm as can be, with a gigantic gun nestled on his knee. "Ask me how I got here," he deadpans. Was it in a Kia? I bet it was in a Kia. As for the rest, we have to wait six weeks to find out.

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