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Welcome to the Neighborhood
rom Fletcher. There's too much media spotlight on him right now. Plus, they'd need to requisition a microscope to find him. Percy pushes the issue (by reminding her of her dead predecessor) and Babs says she'll find him.

Nikita's still waiting for Birkhoff to hack a Blu-Ray player to contact Division so she can nab his password. What a complicated plan. Couldn't she have just given him some truth serum or something? When Ryan gets an email from Babs, Nikita realizes they're out of time. She goes in to question Birkhoff herself. Ryan worries that Division will know they're working together now. Just... go hide in your tree, chipmunk. Nikita walks into the other office. "Hello, nerd," she greets Birkhoff, who just about poops himself. She threatens to implant another transmitter in his tooth that will make him look complicit in Nikita's plans. She gives him five minutes to make up his mind and leaves the room. Fletcher's waiting for her, and he's huffier than a hamster in a rusty exercise wheel. He says she doesn't care about the casualties as long as she brings down Division. At this point, he doesn't even believe there's really a kill chip, so she tells him about Alex, who we find out is nineteen.

Alex is just leaving her apartment when she bumps into Nathan. Again. This guy is always in the hallway. She apologizes for beating up that guy, but Nathan's cool. He invites her to go to a blues club with him and his friends. She seems puzzled as to why he's being nice to her, and he says she looks like she needs a friend. He knows what that's like. She turns him down, looking sad. She's holding the MP3 player in her hand. A flashback comes up next on her play list, transporting us back to the Russian wilderness, six years ago. Little Alex is upset that her father took away her MP3 player. "It was a distraction from who you're meant to become," he says. "And who is that?" little Alex asks, but we don't get an answer just yet.

CIA. Birkhoff paces a bit before using the Blu-Ray player to send a message to Division. How is he not aware that he's being watched? This is dumb. Nikita grabs his password as he types it in. Michael gets the message and heads off to the rescue. He uses the commercial break to get across town. The next we see him, he's stepping off the elevator, looking all mad and bad ass. Ryan sees him coming and gets panicky. Nikita is still sifting through Birkhoff's laptop. "Just don't say I never did anything for you," Ryan says and goes out to stall Michael.

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