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Black Oops

Charm School Ops Room. Percy and Michael try to figure out just how Nikita's been able to stay a step ahead of them for at least three missions. "At some point, we have to consider the possibility of a leak from the inside," Percy says. Michael wants to check for a data breach before they go hunting for moles, the very idea of which offends Birkhoff. He pipes up from his computer station about how awesome his network is. "Only person who could dream of hacking into Division is me," he says. A trill of comically ominous music plays as Michael and Percy look at each other. They mention the time Nikita got in touch with him. He reminds them it was a kidnapping, but to no avail. Percy orders an agent to take Birkhoff down to see Amanda.

Nikita and Jill, wearing a disguise of conservative business attire, walk into an office building and make smalltalk with each other. No one pays any mind to these innocently babbling secretaries as they go into one of the empty offices and close the door behind them. While everyone's at lunch, they use the office to wait for the mysterious source's call. Nikita warns Jill that as soon as she turns the phone on, they'll be tracked, so she needs to get her source to give up the video fast. When the source calls in, Jill lies that she has the money. The source wants proof, so Nikita grabs the phone and pretends to be Jill's editor and plays a bit of hardball with him. He goes over how he was hiking when he saw the wreckage. Commando types rappelled out of black helicopters and gathered up big bags of cocaine from the debris. Too bad it wasn't weed; Tommy Chong would have picked it all up and then been super-mellow about it. He agrees to a meeting, telling them he'll be there the next morning on the quad at North Virginia State. Nikita hangs up and crushes the phone beneath her heel, much to Jill's dismay. Michael and the Division goons pull up outside the office building. "Great spot to hide from a trace," he says. So... I guess he doesn't even go looking for her?

Charm School. Amanda questions Birkhoff. It all seems very pleasant and polite so far. Eventually, Amanda asks if Birkhoff ever had feelings for Nikita when they worked together. Birkhoff protests that it's against the rules to mingle with the recruits. Amanda reminds him that Nikita's not a recruit anymore, a circumstance that Birkhoff tries to blame on Amanda, saying she failed to turn Nikita into a perfect, obedient agent. Amanda, with her iciest smile, calls for an agent to take Birkhoff for a brain scan and full body cavity search.

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