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Black Oops

Ops room. Michael wants some of the recruits to help in going over the contents of Jill's apartment. Percy allows it, but balks at giving them too much information, lest the recruits realize Jill is a good guy. "Tell them it's a training exercise," Percy says. So crates full of documents are wheeled into the computer lab and team leaders are instructed to form three-man teams. Thom picks Jaden and Alex in order to give them a chance to show "visible improvement," and thus save their lives. Michael comes in and tells them they're going over the belongings of a domestic terrorist who's scheduled to meet with a munitions expert. Their task is to find the munitions expert and where they planned to meet.

Alex and Nikita are in a roadside diner, taking a break from their road trip. Nikita theorizes that Henry Samson is smuggling cocaine in order to keep his airline from going under, like so many others have. Hey, as long as they pass the savings on to passengers, what do I care? I hate paying those extra fees for checked luggage. Jill presses Nikita for information about the "commandos" from the crash site, but Nikita tells her to stick to what she can prove. "Why are you protecting them?" Jill asks. "I'm protecting you," Nikita says. About this time, two highway patrol officers walk in. Nikita tries to get them out quietly, but one of the officers IDs them. Nikita quickly dispatches the burly fellows, much to Jill's obvious and logical shock.

Charm School. Michael updates Percy on what we just saw and then together they go in to visit Birkhoff in the medical lab. He passed the lie detector test, but an X-ray shows there's a small transmitter implanted in one of his molars. Since his face had already been beaten all to hell at the time, he didn't notice a little extra dental pain. Percy orders the tooth removed. Birkhoff poops himself a little.

North Virginia State campus. The source hasn't showed up, probably because he saw Jill on the news and got scared. Nikita thinks for a second and decides they need to track him down themselves.

Charm School. Thom, Jaden and Alex are going over a pile of information for their "training exercise." Alex notices there's a lot there about a plane crash. "Maybe she caused it," Alex says. Thom wonders how Alex knew it was a woman. Alex holds up a journal still whiffing of grapefruit and vanilla candles. They figure out from some notes that there was video of something in Virginia on the Appalachian Trail. Thom is impressed.

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