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Spy Games

Back at the Russian house of cards, Ari is impressed that Percy sent the famous Nikita to kill him once upon a time. Then he makes a dig at her for falling in love with a civilian, like Anna did with the bartender. "What is it with female operatives that draws them to weak, easily manipulated men?" Nikita strains against her bonds. He says her rage makes her perfect for "the rules of the game." That he and Percy both use the same phrasing in the episode can't be a coincidence. Ari wants Kerrigan dead, but since Gogol can't do it without causing an international incident, he's going to make Nikita do it. He injects her with a toxin that will kill her in twelve hours. The only way to get the antitoxin is to kill the senator. He tells her where to meet them later that night. As soon as she's loose, she messages Alex with the name of the toxin and tells her where to find the antitoxin in Division's medical facility. Alex says it's impossible because it's always locked down. "Alex, there is no other way," Nikita says. "Michael will be activated on the op; plant the pill on him." Alex promises to come through for her.

And come through she does! She goes to the training floor and gets herself into a sparring match with a guy. She puts up a vicious fight, spurring him on until he grabs her by the wrist and flips her to the mat. She cries out in pain. She's taken to medical, where the doctor thinks it's just a bruise. She convinces him it's more. When the doctor leaves to get the X-ray machine ready, she rifles through the drug cabinet until she finds the pill Nikita needs. Later, she goes looking for Michael, but finds Thom instead. He says Michael has left already and he's about to join him. Then he goes to a totally unlocked, unguarded drawer and picks himself out a gun. Division, you suck so bad sometimes. Before he leaves, he tells Alex that the girl he killed was a Russian spy. "So she wasn't innocent," Alex says, visibly softening towards Thom again. She kisses him and slips the pill into his jacket pocket. When the kiss is over, she says, "Be careful," as she knows what he's really heading into. It probably takes all his spy training, but he manages to walk away.

Nikita waits at her predetermined meeting spot. She gets a message from Alex, telling her where to find the pill. "Just look for the adorable guy with the mile-high hair and ruddy cheeks!" She doesn't say that, but she should. Anna's fake dad picks Nikita up in one of the show's endless supply of black SUVs and gives her an earpiece so that they can communicate. He scolds her for her leather outfit, which won't exactly blend in. He drops her outside Regal House, where she promptly corners one of the perimeter guards. She turns off her earpiece. Under Nikita's instruction, the guard tells Michael that he's found an SUV with monitoring equipment. Nikita knocks him out. Michael advances on the SUV and shoots Fake Dad through the window, twice, in the chest.

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