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Charm School. A sharply-dressed Alex is walking with Amanda toward the interrogation room where her evaluation will take place. Waiting for her is Maro, an Egyptian terrorist. Amanda tells her she has ten minutes to get Maro to give up the names of the other members of his cell. She gives Alex a little remote control for an "electrocution device" they've put on Maro. Alex walks into the room and three Division heavies walk out, leaving her alone with Maro, who is... pretty easy on the eyes. He's shirtless, sitting in a chair, hands tied behind his back. Wires are hooked up to his head and chest. He mocks Alex's youth. Amanda joins the gang in Ops to watch. Michael is surprised to see Percy sitting in on an evaluation. Percy is there because of Michael's high opinion of Alex. Alex questions Maro, bringing up his family in Cairo. "Give up your peoples' location, and maybe you'll get to see them again." Amanda tells her, via an earpiece, to try a "negative" incentive. Alex hesitates. Maro spits on her. See, I would have shocked the dude right there. Like, a whole lot. Instead, she leans over and whispers in his ear, begging him to tell her something. He breaks out of his flimsy restraints and pins her against the wall by her throat. Maybe they should have used a Street Sweeper's Daughter or some other means of restraint. Michael and the heavies bust in and pull Maro off her. Michael checks her neck tenderly. Percy and Amanda watch with interest as Michael offers to get Alex an icepack for her booboos.

Alex seems none the worse for the wear as she works out in the training room. Michael comes in to tell the recruits they'll be learning to use sniper rifles at an off-site training ground. As the recruits leave to get ready, Thom catches up to Alex and says he's sorry he wasn't there during her evaluation. "I would have beat that guy's head in," he says. Aww, it's love!

In Nikita's fabulous loft, Owen is just waking up for the second time and realizing he's buck naked under the sheets. He's hungry, so Nikita offers to make him a veggie shake, which sounds awful. He asks about his newest wound and Nikita uses it as a segue to discuss other hurts, like losing Emily. They have something in common: "Division took everything from me, too." That's why she ran away. She tells him about falling in love with Daniel three years ago. He was a goofy (but hot) web designer. They were going to live on the beach and have a family. "What happened?" Owen asks. Nikita tells him about finding Daniel face-down in the lake by his parents' cabin in the Adirondacks. A look of growing recognition comes over Owen's face. "Coroner said he drowned," Nikita says. "But I knew it was Division." Nikita says if she can get that black box, she'll be that much closer to bringing down Percy and then he won't be able to hurt anyone else.

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