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Torture warehouse. Samir mentions Thom, being held in the next room. Thom hasn't said anything about Division, which makes Samir doubt Alex. "He's been there longer," she says, her voice shaking with quiet rage. "He's been brainwashed." I wish Lyndsy Fonseca were a few years older so she could have been Nikita. [Maybe next season! - Zach]Samir turns on a two-way handset and lets Alex hear Thom being roughed up. "Tell me the truth or he dies," he says. Alex has no other information to give. Samir leaves and goes to Thom's room. Some men hold Thom down and inject him which Amanda explains will make him seem dead. Percy shushes them: "I'm trying to watch!" Heh. Alex hears a gunshot. Thom is dragged into the room and dropped onto the floor in front of her, fake blood on his shirt. Samir questions Alex about her family. Michael wants it to stop, but Amanda had Samir ask these questions specifically to learn more about Alex. Alex whispers, drawing Samir closer to her in order to tell him more, but as soon as he leans toward her, she busts out of her tape restraints and grabs his gun. He rushes her and she shoots. Michael and Birkhoff flinch. Alex screams. Percy gives the order to get Alex before she escapes, but she's already clambering out of a vent shaft to freedom.

Time for another flashback: Nikita finds Alex huddled under a bridge as the rain falls around them. She tosses Alex an envelope. "Leave me alone," Alex says. Nikita acquiesces and walks a few steps away. Alex looks in the envelope; it's full of money and a fake ID. She calls Nikita back, confused. Nikita tells Alex again about the night she rescued her. Alex bitterly remembers what happened afterwards, being sold to sex traffickers by a family friend. Nikita swears she had nothing to do with that. "Once I escaped from Division," she says, "I told myself if I could find you, see if you were okay, then I would have done one good thing in my life." Her voice breaks with emotion. She just wanted Alex to know the truth. She walks away while Alex watches, wide-eyed.

In the present, Alex is running through the woods. Birkhoff activates her tracker and finds her headed toward a truck stop. "Prep a team immediately," Percy says. Michael says he'll handle it himself.

In the Loft of Fabulousness, Nikita is giving Owen a little injection of morphine, careful not to give him too much. He looks at her for a long time then tells her where he hid the black box. He wants her to go get it and take down Percy. "I'm going to stay here till you're better," she says. "And then we're gonna go get it together." "I'd like that," Owen says, "but I don't think it was meant to be." Damn, that sheet is slipping kind of low. He's saying something about how he was an in-house cleaner. He calls himself a "reaper," someone who cancelled other agents and the people they'd fallen in love with. Nikita listens with growing realization of what he's confessing to her, shaking her head, but unable to not come to any other conclusion. "How?" she whispers. "It was quick," he says. "He didn't feel a thing." Nikita breaks down crying. Owen says he realized he was the one who killed Daniel from how Nikita described the scene. Nikita wants to know if Michael knew, but Percy gave Owen his orders directly. Nikita either is numb or Maggie Q is finished acting for this scene.

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