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Alex runs to the truck stop and calls Nikita on a pay phone. Nikita reluctantly turns away from Owen to answer. Alex explains the situation to her. It sounds like a test Division once put Nikita through. Nikita promises to get her and changes outfits for some reason, while Owen does the gentlemanly thing by averting his eyes. She picks out a gun. "Do it," he says. "That's why I told you where I hid the box; you don't need me anymore." She gives him an icy look and leaves without shooting him, much to his surprise.

Nikita pulls up at the truck stop. Alex takes a few steps towards her, but Michael arrives and Nikita ducks behind a gas pump. He tells Alex the whole thing was part of an exercise. She's infuriated that they made her kill someone. "That was the agent's fault," Michael says. "You did what you had to do to survive." He leads her to his car and promises he won't let Percy do anything to her. "I'm not gonna lose you, too," he says, leaning his forehead close to hers. Nikita overhears this. He takes Alex by the shoulders and for a while it looks like he's going to hug her, but instead eases her into the car.

Meanwhile, back at the loft, Owen sees the morphine bottle and syringe lying on a table near his feet. He gives the bottle a long, serious look that made me dread the seeming inevitability of Nikita returning to find his dead body.

Charm School. Michael leads Alex into the training room. She looks like a zombie, perking up a little only when she sees Thom alive and well. Percy arrives and an agent orders all the recruits to scram. Michael's hair looks really red suddenly. "Is this your idea of handling a situation?" Percy asks. Michael says he couldn't leave a dead body out there, so he brought Alex back here. "I think this is best handled on sub-level six," he says. Alex tries to run but two heavies grab her. "That won't be necessary," Percy says. They release her. Samir walks in wearing a suit. Percy tells Michael that it wasn't Alex being tested. "Or rather, she wasn't the only one," Percy says. Samir was told to let Alex escape in order to test Michael, to make sure Alex wasn't another Nikita. "Did I pass your test or not?" Michael asks. "For the most part," Percy tells him. Alex pronounces them all sick and storms off.

Later, Michael visits her in her quarters. She's furious at his betrayal. He implies that he knew he was being tested all along. She looks doubtful but clearly wants to believe him. He leaves so that she can have a flashback in privacy. She remembers returning to Nikita's loft and telling Nikita that she believes her story. She wants to help Nikita bring down Division. She asks Nikita to train her. "They killed my parents," she says. "This is my fight, too." Nikita gives her a long look.

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