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If at First You Don't Succeed, Try Triad Again
es. Moments after she's outside, the house explodes in a fireball. In the present day, Nikita is parked outside Club 107. She sees Michael pacing the street and messages Alex once more. She gets no reply.

Alex is lying in her quarters, just coming out of her drugged stupor. She realizes she's wearing a straitjacket with a beeping digital display on the front. She screams and struggles, falling out of her bed and onto the floor. Amanda is standing there. "Get this off of me," Alex pleads. "It's not up to me," Amanda says. "It's up to you." The display on the front is a heart rate monitor. If Alex can calm herself to 51 beats per minute, the electronic locks on the jacket will release. Alex screams and struggles some more, pacing like a caged animal.

It's night outside Club 107. The city's elite have showed up to party while a throng of paparazzi snap their every move. Michael is still out on the street, pacing. Birkhoff tells him to watch the models, thinking Nikita will dress up like one of them. Instead, we see Nikita dressed like one of the slobby paps, holding a camera in front of her face. She slips behind the guards and, once inside the club, sheds her disguise. Chen Lo is in his office, on a video call with his boss in Hong Kong. We only see the other man from the back as Chen Lo promises to clean up the mess himself, no need to send help. Nikita takes out Chen Lo's guard, steals his key card, and swipes her way into the office. "What are you doing to find the mystery woman?" the mystery man asks. Then he sees her coming into the shot and knocking Chen Lo out of his chair. Nikita leans toward the monitor and gets her first look at the mystery man, none other than Victor Han himself. Nikita looks like she's going to puke when she realizes the man she thought she killed is Triad. She does some thinking and realizes Division faked his death. "How could you?" she asks. "You had a wife and a daughter." Nikita works some computer mojo and finds out where in Hong Kong Victor is calling from. She shoots the computer screen.

She heads for the exit, but Michael is there, gun trained on her. She aims her own gun at him. She says she was just going to take down the Triad's "man in New York" but then she found out Victor Han is their boss. Michael is shocked to hear this. Nikita is shocked at Michael's shock. Then: "Of course you don't know. You never asked," she says. "You probably don't even know why he was a target." Michael lowers his gun. He seems to be having a hard time processing this. Nikita explains he was a double agent for the Triads and now he's gotten a promotion, thanks to Percy. As Triad men pound on the door, Nikita makes her escape, leaving Michael to stew in his disillusionment.

Charm School. Michael storms into Percy's office demanding Victor's location in Hong Kong. Percy realizes Michael's been talking to Nikita. "'How could Percy do such a thing, Michael?'" he asks, guessing Nikita's words. Michael gives Percy the benefit of the doubt. Percy explains that the US government came to him when a Triad double-agent was found to have worked his way through Homeland Security. Percy reminds him this was soon after 9/11. "Do you have any idea what would have happened if that information had gone public?" "It would destroy their agency," Michael says with understanding. Percy kept him alive to avoid problems with the Triads. Michael wants assurance that Percy didn't take money from the Triads, but Percy just tells him to get to Hong Kong.

Nikita's already there, in an airport holding room with Customs agents. They scold her for not declaring some jewelry. She plays the part of a ditzy traveler, more concerned with touching up her lipstick than any legal ramifications. Two men in suits rush into the room and zap her with a stun gun. In uncharacteristic fashion, she goes down without a fight. Victor Han watches the video feed and smiles his approval.

Charm School. Alex is still having her straitjacket panic attack while Amanda tries to get her to talk about her past. Amanda compares her to Nikita (without mentioning her by name) saying that she had to confront her own fears to set herself free. Alex talks about a car accident that killed her parents while remembering the true events of the fire and the armed intruder. "My parents died in that car accident," she says. "And you people put me under that car." She spits the words out. Maybe she's referring to the past as well as the training exercise. Her heart rate calms and the locks on the jacket release. "I'm proud of you," Amanda says. "You really do remind me of Nikita."

Hong Kong, shipping yard. Nikita is marched out of a car and brought face to face with Victor Han, just as she planned. They chitchat a bit, as people are wont to do when catching up, and then Victor wants to know if Nikita told Lisa and Sophie about this. "Oh, you remember their names?" Nikita snarks. Victor insists they were just part of his cover to infiltrate Homeland Security. His real wife and family are here. "I can't believe I ever thought you were cute," Nikita says. Well, he is! He's evil, but he's cute. "I can't believe I never had my way with you," Victor replies. He forces a kiss on her and almost immediately starts gasping for breath. He clutches at his throat. Nikita reveals her special peanut oil lipstick. He shouts for meds while Nikita starts beating up his guards. Once they're all down, she grabs the syringe and saves Victor's life. She shoves him into one of the cars. One of the guards staggers towards them but is shot in the back. Nikita looks up and sees Michael crouching on top of a shipping container, sniper rifle aimed at them. The red laser point pauses over her heart. She and Michael look at each other across the distance and come to some silent agreement. Michael stands up and nods at her once.

Later, Percy watches a news broadcast about Victor's arrest. He's on the phone, trying to calm his Triad client, but it doesn't seem to be working very well.

Park. Nikita and Lisa talk. Lisa decides never to tell Sophie about what really happened to her father, although since it's all over the news, that seems futile. Also, what kind of lame black ops program wouldn't have just killed them both? Division needs to be much, much scarier. Lisa wants to know if Nikita will be able to stop them. "It's gonna take some time," Nikita says.

Charm School. Alex successfully disarms the car bomb without freaking out and sits down next to Thom. "Thanks for pulling me out the first time," she says. He plays it off like it was no biggie. Then he reminds her of their promised rematch. Across the room, Michael asks how Amanda worked things out with Alex. "I'm not done," she says. "She's still hiding something."

Nikita's fabulous loft. She finally gets a message from Alex, who apologizes for not helping out earlier. She asks how things went. Nikita says things were a success, thanks to "help from a friend." She flashes back to her Charm School quarters, six years ago. She asks Michael why she was forced to kill an innocent man. "We don't ask questions," Michael says. She tries to leave, but Michael pins her to the bed. "Why are you so loyal to Percy?" she asks. "Because I owe him my life," he says, red-faced. He lets her go and stomps out of the room. In the present day, he bats around a heavy bag, working out his frustrations while Percy watches him from Ops.

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