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Living the High Lie

Nikita's intro is much the same as last week's, except this time she reminds us about Gogol, which is the Russian version of Division. After that, we start things off in Berlin. It's the middle of the night and the streets are white with snow. A man in a long wool coat walks into an alleyway as ominous music plays. People, don't go into alleys when there's ominous music around! It means you're about to die! He gets a call on his cell. A man says, "Agent [Redshirt], this is Jurgen. I'm late but we should meet at the location we discussed." He sees a shadowy figure emerge from the darkness and smiles. "Jurgen! Do you have the weapon?" Dude, you just got a call from Jurgen saying he'd be late. Sure enough, the shadow man shoots the agent several times in the chest and leaves him for dead. Though we don't see the killer's face, we do see a hint of his gunmetal gray hair.

CIA Headquarters, Virginia. Ryan Fletcher is hard at work in the basement with all the other low-ranking drones. He seems pretty bored until some flagged keywords pop up on his computer. Something's going down with a stealth weapon on the Eastern Seaboard and Jurgen is the courier. He calls his boss, believing this has something to do with Agent Redshirt's murder, but he can't get so much as a nibble. So, after some thought, he packs up his files and heads to what seems like a random mail drop on the street. He draws a heart on its side in white chalk. Either he's done this before or this was the second take of the scene, because you can see the partially erased remains of another heart.

Loft of Fabulousness. Nikita gives Alex a burner cell phone for Valentine's Day. Alex has my high school perm for the rest of this episode. Nikita also reminds her to rotate the hiding places for the phones and pretend it's a wrong number anytime Nikita calls. Alex is sad. She thought it would be easier on the outside. "You can't let your guard down," Nikita says. "You have to live the lie." "Till the lie becomes your life," Alex says, echoing some past lesson. Nikita gets notice on her computer that the traffic cam she hacked into has spotted the heart insignia she's been watching out for. The camera shows Fletcher looking nervous. Alex thinks he's cute and teasingly asks if he and Nikita are "connecting." Nikita changes the subject to Alex's neighbor Nathan. Any connecting going on there? They joke a little about it, then get serious about how dangerous it is to have relationships with outsiders. Alex gives Nikita a little gold box. "Happy Valentine's Day." Ooh, it looks like expensive chocolate. Be my friend! Also: aw.

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