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Living the High Lie

In the present day, Nikita is uploading a virus to mess with the Chalet Margeaux's key card system. While the virus does its thing, she has a flashback that picks up where Michael's left off. How convenient for us! She's sporting a short wig and post-coital glow and rolling around in bed with an attractive fellow I presume to be Voss. They congratulate each other on whatever scam it is they've pulled and Nikita excuses herself to go do some kind of business-related thing in the next room. While Voss busies himself with room service, she grabs her shoe, breaks off the heel (again!) and reveals a flash drive. I love these shoes. She downloads something from Voss's laptop. From the bedroom, he says he wants to take her to his favorite place, the Chalet Margeaux in Quebec. He goes there whenever he has business in the States. At this point, Michael busts into their hotel room, pretending to be from Interpol. He arrests Nikita, calling her "Josephine Besson." As soon as he drags her from the room, he lets the facade drop. He's genuinely concerned for her. He puts his jacket around her shoulders. She's disgusted, furious, hurt. "You will never have to be Josephine again," he promises her.

Quebec, present day. Nikita arrives at the Chalet, wearing Josephine's hair. She pretends to be surprised when she runs into Voss inside. She also pretends she's just gotten out of prison. They greet each other warmly. While they're hugging, Nikita sees Gogol's boss Ari through the window. Nikita says something flirty and Voss takes her up to his room. After an almost imperceptible hesitation on Nikita's part, they kiss. She says she never stopped thinking about him. "Are you here on business?" she asks. He pulls a gun on her: "Pleasure." Dude, you are in for a world of hurt.

Frustratingly, the next scene picks up with Alex and Nathan. Noo! Back to Quebec, s'il vous plait! He shows up for their dinner date with all the fixings to make a pizza. Just when they start flirting, Michael shows up at the door and invites himself inside to dump some ice down these kids' pants.

OK, now we're back to "Josephine." Voss wonders why all his suppliers started getting arrested after Interpol took Josephine. I said earlier he was attractive, but his hair is kind of horrible. Also, his shirt is bright purple. It's all kind of killing his look. Anyway, Nikita, keeping up the ruse, admits she came here to find him. She knows about the weapon and the attack he's planning. "I also know you're working with Gogol." She tells him she saw them downstairs. Voss freaks out. Right on cue, a big blond thug busts into the room, gun blazing. Nikita pounces on him and a brutal fight ensues. Voss sneaks up behind the thug but the thug bats him around like a pesky fly. Nikita wraps a small glass globe in a napkin and proceeds to beat the living shit out of the thug. My favorite bits are whenever Nikita is creative like that, using whatever she finds on hand. He falls to the ground, unconscious. Nikita grabs a gun and aims it at Voss, who's lying on the floor like a wuss. "You certainly don't fight like a banker," he says. "You definitely do," she snarks. Hee. He tries to assure her he's not working with Gogol and he's not planning an attack. Gogol is there to stop him from defecting. He has their weapon and he's turning himself in to U.S. authorities. He tells her he tried to do it in Berlin but his contact was murdered. The pieces start falling into place for Nikita. The weapon, he says, is a dirty bomb. Gogol hired him to auction it off. He asks for Nikita's help. She looks like she still wants to shoot him, but tears off her wig and asks to see the bomb.

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