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Living the High Lie

Michael pretends not to be sore that Percy's been watching over Ryan without him. Percy puts Michael in charge of getting the bomb back. Michael thinks it'll be tricky: "I promised her that she would never have to be Josephine again, and you took her back there." Percy rolls his eyes.

Nikita calls Alex and sends her to Division to find out where the bomb is headed. Nikita then cuts up her clothes a bit and slices her palm open. When she shows back up at the chalet, she looks like she's been in a fight. Ari is there and buys the ruse. She lets him know in a roundabout way that Division has framed Gogol and she's on her way to get the bomb back. Meanwhile, Alex shows up at Division's ops room to bitch at Michael for his little stunt. He reminds her that her cover is to protect others as well as herself: "Live the lie until the lie becomes your life." Alex overhears one of the drones say something about Herndon Airport and goes into the hallway outside to text Nikita.

Ryan and Nikita are each soon on their way to the airport. It's up to Ryan to stall Division until she can get there. He hassles the pilot about not filling out the right flight plans. The pilot pulls out a gun. Before Ryan can pee himself, the Gogol goons arrive on the scene and engage the Division operatives in a gun battle. Ryan scurries to safety and runs into Nikita. He credits his "black belt in bureaucracy." Hermes Conrad would be proud. While Division and Gogol fight it out, Nikita slips in and snags the suitcase with the bomb inside. Moments later, she's running toward her motorcycle. Ari drives up and stops her. He takes the case from her. Like Percy, he has the hubris to underestimate Nikita. He's miles away before he opens the case and finds... shirts and underwear. The real bomb is being chauffeured to safety by Ryan.

Denouement. Percy glumly informs Michael that Ryan is being promoted. Ryan meets up with Nikita at the same place they met earlier. "I told you I'd make you a hero," she says with a smile. Her good mood fades, though, as she reminds Ryan not to trust anyone. She looks thoughtful for a while. Ryan prompts her to talk. After a while, she asks, "Do you think we can ever erase who we were?" She's burdened by all the things she's done. She wonders if she can come back from that. "Do we even deserve to?" He shuts her up with a kiss, then answers: "Yes." Then he walks away. The guy knows when to let a moment stand. Nikita has a quick flashback to the end of her first "Josephine" mission, of when she pulled away from Michael and he let her go.

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