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Gag Me With a Spoon(ing)

Last week on Survivor, the S6 traded their poorly constructed shelter to compensate for their poorly allocated rice supply, and after eleven episodes of trying, Nick finally completed the process of becoming irreversibly invisible.

We open this episode with the grunting and moaning of a male voice; apparently, this is some kind of song -- though not, I think, an aboriginal one. I wonder if it will be on the Survivor II soundtrack. Elisabeth tells us that, in the past few days, the game has become "drastically primal" and that they've become "beings" "that need food." We see Lamber portioning out the rice; she and Elisabeth agree that it's a "nightmare" situation. Elisabeth tells us in an interview that they're in an extreme situation because they exchanged their shelter for food. Lamber says that they're going to be careful with the rice this time around. Her arm looks incredibly fragile in this interview. I think it's partly the camera angle, but still -- no matter how you positioned my arm, it wouldn't look that thin. Maybe my pinky finger would. She and Tina discuss the fact that this is the least amount of rice they have had, and that it's all they have to live on. At camp, Elisabeth offers up "scrapings from the pot," and Colby accepts. Tina tells us that the rice gave her hope, because she thought she would be "starving to death" for the next eleven days. Lamber says that hope is important, and that she's always hoping for "the next day to come." She tells us she takes life in the Outback on a three-day to three-day basis. It doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Elisabeth says that Colby, Tina, and Keith are allied, and that they view Lamber as a weak person. Tina then says that Lamber is sweet, but that she never proved she could stand on her own two feet. She did prove that she's a "tougher little girl than [Tina] made her out to be." Calling someone "tough" and a "little girl" in the same sentence is a back-handed compliment. And I like it! Elisabeth tells us that the "people who are in control are gonna push [her] eject button at one point or another," and that she just has to hope it's a later point. Colby says in an interview that Rodger and Elisabeth know they've been brought along by the others with the eventual intent to eliminate them before eliminating themselves. Elisabeth tells us there's no holding her back. She doesn't, however, do her best "somebody stop me!" Jim Carrey impression.

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