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Totally Ordinary Time Suck

At the Powell Pad...

Stephanie: Jim, I've farmed the kids out for the night, and now I'm trying way harder to seduce you than I have to.

Jim: Is it my birthday?

Stephanie: Why don't you show me your birthday suit and find out for yourself.

Jim: Up, up, and away!

At George's...

George: You're up and at 'em pretty quick for someone who had bullet pierce her lung and blow off a booby!

Amanda: If you don't kiss me somewhere a little more interesting than the tip of my nose, I'm going back to Supernatural. Hey, what's all that squawking? Do we have an audience?

George: Don't be ridiculous. NO ONE IS WATCHING. That noise is coming from the radio in my secret lair that I can't tell you about, which is too bad, because it's totally going to torpedo our night, and Jim and Stephanie's, too.

Amanda: Dean, if you're reading this, call me!

Recapper: Mmm. Dean.

Powell Pad...

Jim: Honey, I can't make love to you after all, because there are carjackers afoot. Or a-wheel, as the case may be.

Your Recapper's Spouse: Shenanigans! No man would leave right then for a CARJACKING. Kidnapped baby? Sure. But a carjacking?!

Recapper: I know, right?

Stephanie: Tell me about it, guys. Seriously, Jim? What exactly do the real cops in this town do again?

Jim: Up, up, and away!

Mean Streets of Metropolis...

The carjacker is speeding right at Jim in the jacked car. Thinking quickly, Jim picks up a dumpster to block the road. BUT THEN, his strength failing him, Jim goes all limp.

Stephanie: I'm glad that didn't happen in bed. I'm already getting a bit of a complex.

The Next Morning at the Powell Pad

Jim: ...And then I don't know. I lost my strength.

George: Performance anxiety?

Stephanie: He was probably anticipating some Georgeous-Interruptus. But I'm not bitter. Jim, I need to draw some of your blood, and I just happen to have a sterile syringe right here, even though I spend my days studying the wonder-plant.

The needle breaks on Jim's iron arms.

Jim: Who you calling limp now, Recapper?

Stephanie: Figures George is still here. Okay, this isn't my preferred method of obtaining a sample, but I'll swab your cheek for some DNA.

George: Can I watch?

At Global Tech:

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No Ordinary Family




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