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No Ordinary Katie
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Tubey: Where is she now?

Daphne: Eeeek!

Katie: No, it's okay. That's just the TWoP mascot, remember?

Daphne: His mind reads as less mascot and more...

Tubey: Evil overlord. Regardless, where is she?

Stephanie: She had a really busy day that ended badly. Can we cut her some slack.

Tubey: Cut her? I have many knives and other pointy weapons, not to mention my horns and tail.

Jim: She's not getting cut on my watch, bub.

Tubey: That's Tubeelzebub to you, lesser being.

Jim: I'm pretty sure you're more evil than I, but I'm also pretty sure I flatten you like a pancake.

Nathan Wuornos: Pancakes? I love pancakes.

Jim: Who are you?

Jesse: He's nobody. Go back to Haven, Nathan. I'll see you in the summer.

Nathan: That's not tempting me.

Jesse: Yes, yes, we have a mutual disdain for each other, but we don't have to have it yet, is my point.

Nathan: Fine. I don't see any pancakes around here anyhow -- just this little flattened demony thing. I don't think he'll be bothering anyone, any more.

Tubey: I'm a two-dimensional cartoon, idiot. Flat is my natural form and it hasn't stopped me yet.

JJ: Excuse me....Tubey, but it seems to me that if you want a weecap out of the Recapper, the wisest course of action would be for you to stop menacing her,, and the rest of us, and let the girl write.

Katie: She's a woman, JJ. Not a girl.

Recapper: S'okay, I'm feeling old and ground down right now. Girl is a bit of a pick-me-up.

Katie: Oh, well I just -- I read your weecaps of The Vampire Diaries (because how fricking gorgeous is that cast), and I've been following your discussion of Elena's agency. I didn't want JJ to offend you.

Recapper: I like to think of myself as a practical feminist. And sometimes, I like to be called girl. It pleases my vanity.

Stephanie: I hate to bust up this meeting of the minds, but shouldn't you get to it?

Recapper: I just can't. There's stuff going on. Big, bad stuff, with people I love. And I got stuck in the aftermath of a car accident last night. My back and neck are all jacked up. I just don't have it in me.

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No Ordinary Family




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