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No Ordinary Katie

Writers: Um... Poetic license?

TWoP Barnes: Don't start your posts with "Um." Does no one read the FAQ? God.

Strega: They read the FAQ, after we beat them with it for fun and profit.

TWoP Barnes: You know how many people think we do this for free?

Strega: I know, right?

Recapper: Ahem. There's a reason recappers and mods are separate jobs now, and no, this may not be it, but you two? You're really not helping.

Katie: THANK YOU, Cindy. So anyhow, George gets the coroner's report on the jogger. When Stephanie reads it, she realizes the jogger has seekrit serum in her blood, too. Soon thereafter, there's another dead super.

Daphne: You're forgetting my story. Why don't you sit and put your feet up for a few minutes, Katie. This is a big day for you. I've got this. When Chris and I are leaving school, we're stopped by the Vice Principal. Chris talks me into giving him a psychic push, so that we can ditch with impunity. And then I push him to give us a little spending money, too. I really didn't like that part. I mean, I'm not down with the pushing in general, but pushing someone just to get money -- that feels like stealing.

Lube Locks: Well, I come from a troubled home. HEY, MY NAME IS CHRIS!


Katie: Whatever, Blind Side. Anyhow, when I get home Jesse is waiting out front. He's looking for Joshua and starts sniffing around like he's Angel or Spike.

Recapper's Husband: Hey Jesse, why the long face? Ha. That never gets old.

Recapper: It maybe gets a little old, honey, but it's your birthday, so I'll give you a pass.

Katie. AHEM. This is one of my two big moments. Knock it off, okay? So anyhow, Jesse thinks I'm lying because apparently he can sniff out supers, but I'm not lying. He starts to leave, but he sniffs one more time and decides the super scent is coming from me. But I just dabbed a little perfume on (White Diamonds, in honor of the late, great Elizabeth Taylor, may she rest in peace), and that was hours ago, so I have no idea what his deal is. Then he turns into SABRETOOTH and comes at me.

Recapper: I'm sorry, Katie, but we can't call him Sabretooth.

Katie: Oh right. The no multiple nicknames, rule. Gotcha.

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No Ordinary Family




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