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No Ordinary Katie

Recapper: Actually, it's because I don't have much of a comic-reading background, and didn't think of Sabretooth until I read Rowan Kaiser's review at the A.V. Club.

Katie: But I'm a geek-extraordinaire. Sabretooth sprang immediately to my mind.

Writers: It truly did.

Recapper: Sorry. That's Rowan's. Just say Jesse wolfs out.

Katie: But he has the fangs and...

Recapper: No. We can't.

Tubey: I hate to have Cindy's back, or anyone's actually, but she's right.

Katie: Damn. Okay, but why "wolfs out"?

Cindy: Because I have a daughter enthralled by the Twilight series and there are werewolves in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Vampire Diaries, and it's just where my mind went.

Katie: Well, that's hardly inspired, but okay. Anyhow Jesse morphs into Sabretooth "wolfs out" (blah) and comes at me and I throw him off with my mind!

Stephanie: When Jim and I get there, Katie is moving chairs and whatnot with her mind, too. It's pretty awesome. Or would be, if it didn't confirm our theory that our super-villain is targeting other supers. Our kids are in danger, so I zoop to the school to get them.

JJ: And good old mom, she rescues me right when Professor Dick is giving me more crap. I mean did you see that? He gets a little scary. Scarier.

Daphne: I did. And for the record, JJ. I'm really glad you ratted me out to mom. You saved my life. But anyhow, Chris and I are at the video shoot where I've psychically pushed security to give us front row seats, even though we're not on the approved list. Okay, sometimes this pushing is pretty fun. I just don't want to steal money, again. That was icky. Now my dad calls, trying to locate me, so I have to move off somewhere quiet to take the call. It's then that Jesse finds me. And the rest is so stupid I can't tell you.

Jesse: Poor kid. You're just starting out in the business. You get used to the stupidity over time. But yeah, it is stupid. I tell her I'm from the school. How would "the school" know where to find her? Why would she believe I'm from "the school" when she goes to "the school" and ought to recognize the faculty? Why isn't she reading my mind? She should totally know I'm lying. But we're jumping ahead.

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No Ordinary Family




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