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Jim: @_@ Besides, if Jesse had staph on his claws, why didn't the trilsettum heal it?

Steph: Maybe he contracted it from one of the people he killed.

Jim: But they were all injected with trilsettum.

Steph: The coroner wasn't.

Jim: Okay, but I still don't understand why we have super-powers from our exposure to the trilsettum during our plane crash, and they're permanent, but yet those powers aren't enough to enable your own immune system to ward off this infection.

Katie: Okay, people, I'm taking back the reins. Stephanie gets better, so hooray. The next day at school, Daphne passes in JJ's equation solution to Professor Dick and hears him think that he was afraid he'd be killed if JJ didn't turn in the work.

Daphne: Which... weird, right?

Katie: Super-weird. Maybe that's why you're a little off-kilter when you meet up with Chris and he tells you he's got all sorts of fun psychic pushing plans for the two of you. Is he reminding anyone else of Buffy's Season 1 date, Owen? Not looks-wise -- but his enthusiasm for her newbilities.

Recapper: I was just thinking that.

Buffy: Me, too. Dump him, Daphne. Dump him. I did. It hurt and it was hard, but it's for the best.

Daphne: I know I should, but he's just so cute.

JJ: He's Lube Locks. Oily, greasy, grimy gopher guts. You can do better, sis.

Daphne: Well, I haven't been doing better. We'll see. I'm conflicted. I don't really like pushing people, but I really like this boy.

Buffy: Tsk. You're cookie dough!

Katie: Back at Global Tech, Dr. King is reviewing JJ's work with glee when Xena arrives, and we learn she's the Global Tech big cheese. She gives him a metaphorical beating for his mismanagement of his Frankensteins. He tries to suck up to her by showing her JJ's work. It seems JJ has unknowingly developed a way to modify the secret serum so that a one time dose will be all anyone will need. Which... wouldn't that be counter to their goals? Isn't it better to keep the supers beholden to them? It's all so painfully stupid.

Daphne: But what comes next is...

Katie: Not at all a surprise. I'm in the lab when Daphne pops in to get some stuff for Stephanie who's taking it easy at home. I hand her the lab results that I've been reading, because frankly, they've left me gobsmacked. The reason I have powers (which are inconsistent, at least for now) is...

Daphne: She's pregnant with Joshua's super-spawn!

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No Ordinary Family




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