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Partners In Crime... Fighting

At the Powell Pad...

Stephanie: So kids, Daddy and I are going out to dinner and staying overnight in a hotel.

Daphne and JJ: [gag]

Stephanie: We've hired an octogenarian to babysit you overnight. You're cool with that, right?

Daphne: What, you don't trust us? I mean, it's been a couple of weeks since I tried to use my powers to illegally obtain alcohol, and it's been seven whole days since JJ hacked into the school's computer. We're like the gold-standard of trustworthy kids. But trustworthier!

Jim: You make a persuasive argument, or perhaps I just want to get your mother alone, but it works for me. Hey Steph, before we leave, open your present.

Steph: [swoons]. You shouldn't have.

Jim: Don't worry about the cost, dear. Money is no object since I sculpted it, myself. See, it's a marble replica of our intertwined hands. And now, thanks to my newbilities, I don't even have to carve the marble. I just rub it a lot. Which reminds me, let's get to the hotel.

Jim's Phone: Ring-a-ding

George: There's a crime. It's time.

Jim: Dude, there are cops in this town. I'm taking out my woman.

George: You are far too well-balanced to be a super hero. It totally should have been me.

At Global Tech...

Francis: Dr. RevCam King, Stephanie won't let me play in the lab.

King: Great, that frees up time for you to gather intel on what she's doing and report back to me.

Francis: But I'm a scientist, not a spy.

King: "Spy" is so cold war.

Francis: I am way too educated to play Gossip Girl, besides, I haven't the figure for it.

King: Good point. You're fired!

At the Powell Pad...

Daphne: JJ, who are all these little miscreants and why are they in our home?

JJ: They're my poker-bullies.

Daphne: You mean buddies. [reads their sick little minds] Oh. I see. You don't. Well, I want them out of here right now.

JJ: But I need to win money to by my own, my love, my preciousssssssssssssss. I'll split my takings with you, 80/20. 60/40? Oh all right, 50/50.

Daphne: Deal. I may be easy, but I'm not cheap.

Meanwhile, across town, Stephanie calls Katie and asks her to check in on the kids. Katie, who seems to be readying herself for a date right in the lab can't say no to her boss/girl-crush. Fortunately, her date is with Will who is as interested in gaining access to Stephanie as he is in Katie.

At the Powell Pad...

Bullies: There's no way you're winning you little snot-nosed girlie boy. You're counting cards. We're changing the game to Five Card Draw. Try and count 'em, now.

Kenny Rogers: You've got to know when to hold 'em (when to hold 'em)...

Recapper: Don't waste your voice, Kenny. These kids are... OMG, what have you done to your face?

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No Ordinary Family




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